Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beaver Lake

Today was a great day. It started out cool and grey. Mike went off to play golf, so I took the kids to do some errands, including a stop at Fleet Feet I needed some socks, and some new inserts. I've been battling plantar fasciitis for years, and they have the exact ones I use. Sometimes I feel like I'm falling apart, which makes sense since I've been active for 23 years. The weird thing is that the plantar problem, including a heel spur, is on my left foot. (Great movie by the way). My pulled hamstring is on my left leg. I once had to have an operation on my left big toe, due to a field hockey injury. I don't know what it is about my left side, I guess I need to google it.

Got home, and threw together a ramen salad for a BBQ we were having, so fattening, but so good. I wanted to get to Beaver Lake for a trail run with my sis in law, J. She's a great running partner, we do the Boilermaker together. Made it there by late afternoon, and it was perfect. The sun had come out, it was about 65 degrees, no bugs and no humidity. We did the lake loop, and then one other trail, for a total of 4.1 miles. I love trail runs because they're always changing, and you get a bit dirty. The hills were steep, but quick. It was neat to look down at the trail this time of year, and compare it to just four short months ago, when I was on it, but to cross country ski. We saw deer prints, and every so often a rabbit or chipmunk would cross our path. I love the feel of the earth, it gives just enough under your feet, compared to the slap slap slap of pavement.

On my drive over, I passed a field that had just been plowed, the light hit it just right, and it was beautiful. On my way home I pulled over to try and take a photo of what I had seen, but the sun had already passed. I took the photo anyway, then went on home.

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