Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I appreciate every moment, but every now and then you get a reminder.

Our holiday weekend started off on a good note.  Mike came home a a little early, and we went to pick up our "new to us" car:

It had very low mileage, and it was in great condition.  I decided to make a trip to B.J.'s (on a Friday night) in order to take it for a test drive.

Saturday was sunny, and relatively warm.  Frank and I went for a run, and I felt a taste of spring in the air.  I was feeling happy and optimistic about the direction our lives seemed to be going in.  With Easter coming I truly felt a sense of new beginnings and hope.

We colored Easter Eggs, Mike and the kids made their entries for the family "ugly egg contest", and made plans to go out to a local pub to watch the S.U. game with my brothers and sisters in law.  We headed to the outside bar, along with four flat screens, we got there early enough to stake out a spot in the sunshine.  It was sooooo nice to be outside, in March, in Syracuse!  The game was great, and S.U. is in the Final Four Baby!

Easter morning the kiddo's got up extra early, which as every parent knows, should be expected on a holiday/weekend and not on a school day.

They were happy with what the Easter Bunny left: chocolate, a Skylander for Luke, and lip gloss for Miss E.

Monday the kiddo's had play dates they hung out with their friends, Luke then went on a sleepover, Miss E had her BFF over to our house to sleep.  Tuesday I did a double take when I woke up, to see six inches of new snow, although it is technically spring.

We felt a movie day was in order so we headed to the mall to see The Croods (two thumbs up), hit the arcade, then headed home.

Mike came home from work, and realized he forgot to get gas on his way home.  Instead of rushing around in the morning, he decided to go back out with Luke to fill up the tank.

Then, I got a phone call from an unknown cell number, which was a flashback to the call I got when my sister Ali was in a car accident.   Looking back, it was the same exact day, exactly two years ago.

It was from Mike, he and Lukie were involved in an accident, but God was watching over them.

They walked away from the car.

They are both banged up, but nothing too serious.

We always hear, or read the sayings that people post on facebook, how to appreciate each moment and seize the day when it takes hold of you.

I thought that I did, and I realized I still do.

You never know what can happen in an instant.

So appreciate and love every second you have of this thing that we call life.*

I do.

*didn't mean to quote Prince, but I kind of did.