Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Carpenters Brook, and I broke the camera

I belong to a Mommy and Me group, and today I was the "rsvp Mom" for a trip to Carpenter's Brook. It's a fish hatchery, and we always have a good time going there http://www.syr-area.com/cny-parks/carpenters-brook.html. It's mostly outside, with big tanks of trout, and the kids can toss fish food at them and watch the fish scramble for it. Some of the fish literally jump out of the water during the feeding frenzy. It was a small group, including a mom who just moved here from Ohio. We played at the fish playground before picking out a table for snack. I went to sit down, and realized too late, that my camera was in the back pocket of my jeans. My ass did a great job of crushing the camera. It literally looks like the screen shattered like a mirror, but digitally. Bummer, because after snack we came upon a building that housed two rooms of baby chicks, turned out they were pheasants, so freaking cute. Would have been a good photo op, but I was able to salvage this shot of Eliza feeding the fish. She looks like she's at a cocktail party, swinging her drink around.

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Unknown said...

Hey, Molly! Love your blog...I really want the recipe for the grilled veggie salad..YUM!