Sunday, May 3, 2009

run run run, it's fun fun they say in Gabba Land.

The Mountain Goat, a 10 mile road race, took place today in Syracuse. Two of my friends ran it, and I'm impressed. I've been thinking of doing it, but it's really hard, verrry hilly. I drove the course last year, and it didn't look too bad, until about mile four. After that its just up and down up and down. It makes the Boilermaker (9.3 mile hilly run in Utica) look like a piece of cake.

Today in church, my mind started to wander a bit, and I thought about my running goals for the next year. I am definitely doing the Boilermaker in July. And I think I'm going to get serious, and put the Syracuse Half Marathon in September on my calendar. Then there is the Budweiser Run, and the Turkey Trot, those are 10k fun runs.

I feel like I'm a broken record, but I need to be careful of my hamsting injury as I train. Lots of stretches and icing after a run. Also have to get some cross training in there, yoga and strength training, to keep myself injury free. I love cardio, I'd rather do that for an hour or two every day and then be done with it. Sitting on the floor and counting crunches, not so much.

It's beautiful out, and I'm heading out soon for a 4 or 5 mile run with my neighbor H. She's trying to get rid of the last of her baby weight. I'm trying to get rid of the weekend excesses.

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