Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beaver Lake

Today was a great day. It started out cool and grey. Mike went off to play golf, so I took the kids to do some errands, including a stop at Fleet Feet I needed some socks, and some new inserts. I've been battling plantar fasciitis for years, and they have the exact ones I use. Sometimes I feel like I'm falling apart, which makes sense since I've been active for 23 years. The weird thing is that the plantar problem, including a heel spur, is on my left foot. (Great movie by the way). My pulled hamstring is on my left leg. I once had to have an operation on my left big toe, due to a field hockey injury. I don't know what it is about my left side, I guess I need to google it.

Got home, and threw together a ramen salad for a BBQ we were having, so fattening, but so good. I wanted to get to Beaver Lake for a trail run with my sis in law, J. She's a great running partner, we do the Boilermaker together. Made it there by late afternoon, and it was perfect. The sun had come out, it was about 65 degrees, no bugs and no humidity. We did the lake loop, and then one other trail, for a total of 4.1 miles. I love trail runs because they're always changing, and you get a bit dirty. The hills were steep, but quick. It was neat to look down at the trail this time of year, and compare it to just four short months ago, when I was on it, but to cross country ski. We saw deer prints, and every so often a rabbit or chipmunk would cross our path. I love the feel of the earth, it gives just enough under your feet, compared to the slap slap slap of pavement.

On my drive over, I passed a field that had just been plowed, the light hit it just right, and it was beautiful. On my way home I pulled over to try and take a photo of what I had seen, but the sun had already passed. I took the photo anyway, then went on home.

Friday, May 29, 2009


This is what I have been waking up to these last few mornings. I roll over, open my eyes, and there it is. The Scale. Mike moved it from under the bed (where I liked it) and next to the bathroom door. You can see I got my camera back (very quickly I might add, thanks Olympus). I like this shot because it's blurry, it's really how I see it since I wear glasses. But I digress.

Watching your weight, or dieting, whatever you want to call it, is not fun. Mike already broke the rules. After dinner last night he had a slice of peanut butter ice cream pie (yes, I had two tiiiiny bites), ate at a fast food chain for lunch, and after weighing himself, had lost FOUR pounds. He weighed himself before he was supposed to, so I don't think it counts. I think the last time I lost weight like that was either when I was breastfeeding, or living on slimfast and grapefruit as a cheerleader in high school. I am so bored with this already. I've done the Cabbage Soup diet, hotdog and vanilla ice cream diet (supposedly for heart patients), the Oprah Diet, the 90/10 diet, Atkins, the Special K Cereal diet, and Food Combining. The only thing that has worked is eating right and exercising. How boring.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to heading to Beaver Lake for a trail run, haven't been there since cross country skiing this past January. Hopefully it will be nice enough to bring my camera, I didn't realize how much I used it until I broke it! If that's not diet motivation (see Carpenter's Brook Post) I don't know what is.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Food, Folks and Fun

Luke redeemed himself today, we had a playdate with another one of his classmates. We were there for 2 1/2 hours, no fights, no nonsense, no meltdowns. Whew. Eliza played really well too. It's raining again today, so it was nice to have a new place to play since we had to be inside. Snack was especially good, half moon cookies for the kids, mini muffins and coffee for the Mom's. Coffee with full fat creamer and full fat blueberry muffin...not the greatest snack since we started the weight loss challenge! When we weighed in on Tuesday, the scale was a bit higher than I expected, greeaaat. Looking at our meals, we eat pretty healthy, it's just a matter of cutting back a bit on portion sizes, and eliminating certain snacks. I'm having leftover home made pizza for lunch again today, but I made it with a whole wheat crust, carmelized onion, and mushrooms. And I put on HALF of the cheese Mike usually tosses on there. Tonight I can't wait to make my Dad's famous fried rice. Yes, it's fried, but I use healthy olive oil in the wok, and put in tons of veggies, and use brown rice. I'm drooling already.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spirits and My Spirituality

Today has been a lazy day. We've been going non-stop this month, and we needed a day to just veg out and play. Which means I got to catch up on reality TV while Eliza napped and Luke played his Leapster. I watched "The Little Couple," about newlyweds who are Little People. They had their palms read, and the wife said how she shouldn't really be having it done, since she's Catholic, and it goes against the religion. She sounded like my Mother. I'm Catholic, and my faith is in God, but I'm really interested in the whole psychic world. And I can be superstitious....or maybe it's just my OCD.

I grew up in a haunted house. For real. My Mother's house is over 100 years old, we have pictures from when it was a small farmhouse, and it was surrounded by fields. I'm talking horse and buggy, brown and white photos, with faces devoid of expression. There is a presence in the house, we call it The Ghost. It's a friendly one, and it reminds us from time to time that it's there. The microwave will turn on, a window will close, a chair will spin, etc. I woke up one night and looked up, and saw a man standing at the window, he looked Amish. He was standing there as if he was looking out over his fields. I wasn't scared, I thought, "oh, its the Ghost" and I went back to sleep. Luke has seen it, and so has my sisters, it's definitely there.

I got sucked into another reality show, with the psychic Lisa Williams, and read her book. And I recently found out that a high school friend is also psychic. I think that ability could be real, how else can you explain the things they know? I mentioned to my Mom that I wanted to have a reading done, and she reminded me that we don't believe in that. I had my palm read once at a party, but it was b.s. There isn't anything that I want to find out, like where an insurance policy is hidden, I'm just curious. There are people in my life who have passed on, some way too early in life. I truly feel like they're okay, since I believe in an afterlife, and I talk to them in my head. But I wonder what they would say back to me if they could.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Salad Days, no pun intended

Ugh, I am very full from a weekend of BBQ....tomorrow's weigh in should be interesting. I'm truly ready for some rabbit food.

I made a yummy Greek salad today for my niece's birthday BBQ, my sis in law said we should have taken a photo of it. Well I would have, but I broke the camera. : ) There was enough for leftovers for tomorrow's lunch, and I think my grilled veggie salad is going to make an appearance this week as well. Here you go K, this is the grilled veggie recipe, it makes either two dinner salads, or four side salads:

one bag of greens
2 Portabello Mushroom caps, stem removed
4-5 carrots, sliced lengthwise for easy grilling
2 zucchini, sliced lengthwise
one bunch asparagus, ends trimmed
one avocado, cut into bite size pieces. I do this right before serving, so it doesn't brown.
medium red onion, cut into 4-5 slices. I stick a toothpick into each slice lengthwise, so the rings don't come apart.
1/4 pound blue cheese, I prefer Maytag Blue, and I crumble it myself
3/4 cup walnuts coarsely chopped. Toast these before grilling the veggies, 350 degree oven for about four minutes. Keep a close eye, can burn quickly.
Newman's light balsamic dressing, or just oil and balsamic vinegar.

Marinate veggies in either tupperware or large ziplock bags, 2 hours before grilling. For the marinade, I use olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh ground pepper, kosher salt, and dried rosemary.

Once grill is hot, put carrots and onion on first, as they take longer to cook. Then put mushrooms, zuch, and asparagus on.

Divide greens onto two plates. Slice up the veggies into bite size pieces, divide onto greens. Sprinkle walnuts, cheese and avocado on as well. Add a bit of dressing if you need it. Get a fork and dive in.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Biggest Loser, Baker Style

Mike and I both need to drop some weight. Which is usually the case when you enjoy cooking and eating like we do. Sunday is the day we plan our meals for the week, and if it is fall or winter, the entire Sunday is spent making soups, chili's, or roasts. There is a rotation of seasonal favorites, but we're always throwing something new into the mix. The grill is used year round, Mike just shovels a path in the snow to get to it! We got out of the cooking habit while living in NY, our kitchen was just gross, and there were too many great restaurants to eat at or get takeout from. We ate late in the day back then, and still do. Once the kids are in bed, I pour some wine, Mike has some beer, and its our cooking/talking time. We get ideas from the Food Network, I really enjoy the cooking style of Nigella Lawson and Ina Garten. I once made Ina's brownie recipe, the ingredients cost $40! It made an enormous pan, but I was pregnant at the time, so there was no waste : ) We make our own blini's to have with caviar and creme fraiche every Valentines Day, which are pictured above. These looked exactly like little pears which I thought was kinda funny.
So last night we formulated a plan to get more "beach body ready" by the 4th of July. We're going to weigh in on Tuesday morning, at the end of this current holiday weekend. Final weigh in will be July 2, at the start of the next holiday weekend. My goal is 7 pounds, Mike's is 10. I think it's doable. Now all I need is Jillian from BL to scream at me while I work out.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Music that gets my ass moving, and keeps it moving

I had a great run today. Mike got off work early, and I was able to do my 6.5 mile loop around the neighborhood. Nice way to kick of the holiday weekend! As I was running, I thought about how much I loooove my ipod. I make playlists for my different runs, or just for listening to. I need music to run, but last year I did the Boilermaker sans ipod. And it was actually a good thing! There was so much going on around me, and hearing everyone cheer, that was all the music I needed. But for day to day, I need something to get me on the road, or to just block out Sesame Street while on the treadmill.
This is a list of my faves to run to, they all have a great beat that keeps me movin and groovin. It works when you don't have a son to run after you, as in the above photo. This was from last year's Adirondack Deer Run. It was early June, and seriously 90 degrees, and 90 percent humidity. I needed a little push from my boy at the end.

Peace Frog (the Doors) - their best song, makes me think of shooting pool with my friend A in college.
Hung Up (Madonna) - this is newer Madge, feels like you're running in a disco.
Sk8er Boi (Avril Lavigne) - not my favorite artist, but it tells a fun story, and it's LOUD.
Sabotage (Beastie Boys) - I envision myself in this video with the band, which is a throwback to 70's cop shows.
Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes) - no explanation, love them.
Umbrella (Rihanna) - makes you want to dance on a table in a club. But I think those days are over....
Father of Mine (Everclear) - another LOUD song. I can relate to the whole Father/abandonment theme.
Always (Blink 182) - the BEST. I pound the pavement in time to the drum beat.
Just Like Heaven (The Cure) - reminds me of high school happiness.
Heaven Tonight (Hole) - yes, Courtney Love is a train wreck, but this whole album is fab.
My Life Would Suck Without You (Kelly Clarkson) - I'm not an American Idol fan, but ya gotta love Kelly.
Live Your Life (T.I. & Rihanna) - pretty quick beat for a rap song.
Heartbreaker (Mariah Carey and Jay Z) - no list is complete without some Mariah.
Candy (Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson) - great contrast in how his deep vocals mix with her beautiful voice.

Slow down with:
Breathe Me (Sia) - crazy lyrics, kicks you in the gut when you've been slacking on taking care of yourself.
We're Going To Be Friends (White Stripes) - cute song, not your ususal WS.
Cry Me A River (Justin Timberlake) - he gets his revenge against Britney. Plus, he's hot.
Ramble On (Led Zeppelin) - Great song from a great band.
Beautiful Girl (INXS) - love me some Michael Hutchence.
You are Beautiful (Christina Aguilera) - this works to slow down OR speed up. Has a slow start, huge finish.

I could go on for a while, but you get the gist.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can't blame it on Pregnancy Brain forever

Several of Luke's classmates have birthdays in May. Which means never ending birthday parties. He got an invite for one on the 16th, I checked the calendar, and saw we were free. Yesterday I looked at the card to see what time it started, and I realized it already happened! Somehow my brain inverted the date, I thought it was on the 19th. Well, Luke hasn't said anything about it, so I'm not going to bring it up, but I do feel bad.

I'm getting my roots done tonight, and you can bet I've checked and rechecked that apointment date. Can't miss that one.

Carpenters Brook, and I broke the camera

I belong to a Mommy and Me group, and today I was the "rsvp Mom" for a trip to Carpenter's Brook. It's a fish hatchery, and we always have a good time going there It's mostly outside, with big tanks of trout, and the kids can toss fish food at them and watch the fish scramble for it. Some of the fish literally jump out of the water during the feeding frenzy. It was a small group, including a mom who just moved here from Ohio. We played at the fish playground before picking out a table for snack. I went to sit down, and realized too late, that my camera was in the back pocket of my jeans. My ass did a great job of crushing the camera. It literally looks like the screen shattered like a mirror, but digitally. Bummer, because after snack we came upon a building that housed two rooms of baby chicks, turned out they were pheasants, so freaking cute. Would have been a good photo op, but I was able to salvage this shot of Eliza feeding the fish. She looks like she's at a cocktail party, swinging her drink around.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Mother Of All Meltdowns

Today started out great. It's a beautiful day, sunny, warm, really nice. I took Luke to school, then ran 5 miles on the treadmill while Eliza entertained herself with toys and Sesame Street. I was looking forward to a lunch/playdate after school at one of Luke's friends houses. The Mom who was hosting us is truly a nice person, and very well put together. They have a beautiful house, and the kids all got along, we chatted easily, no major problems was time to leave. One of our friends daughters introduced Luke to the concept of borrowing toys, which is fine, when you know the family well and you know the toy will eventually be returned. As we were packing up to leave today, Luke asked me if he could borrow on of his friends toys, and I told him no. I did the usual explaining that it was time to go, we weren't going to do that today, so let's thank our friends for a nice day, blah blah blah. Luke proceeded to have THE hugest tantrum I have EVER seen. He really has only had a few in his life, but this was a zinger. Screaming, crying, carrying on, red face, tears. I took him over to the stairs and told him he was acting like a baby, and embarassing me, and to knock it off. The poor host Mom was running around trying to find a tatoo or sticker or something to give him to end it. This seriously lasted for 10 minutes, with me trying to put on his shoes, and getting Eliza and all our crap. Finally he stood in the hallway and said "I'm afraid of you mommy!" Whhhat????? did he really just SAY that?! I was MORTIFIED. Believe me, I felt like smacking him, not that I did. I took him into the driveway and left him there in his socks, couldn't even get his shoes on. Finally get us all in the car, and on the way home, with Eliza eating a banana that she swiped from their fruit bowl. He's been in his bed for a hour and a half, and so help me he is staying there until dinner.

I know Host Mom is a mother, and knows how kids are, but I feel like an ass. Luke cried one other time at this same kids birthday party because he couldn't have a Wall-e figure off the kids' cake. I shouldn't care what she thinks, but I do. I'm going to see her tomorrow at another birthday party, so I've got my apology ready. I am truly mortified. Is is cocktail hour yet?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Roch-cha-cha Favorites

While I was in Rochester today, I hit up a couple of my favorite get lunch, and dinner for tonight. I thought I'd share a photo of the best, fresh shrimp spring rolls from the Thai restaurant, Esan. They are located in my old neighborhood, which is called Park Ave, in the city of Rochester. These are great to start your meal, or for a snack. The wrap is paper thin, and tucked inside is shrimp, whole basil leaves, bean sprouts and lettuce. On the side is a cup of dark, rich, peanut dipping sauce, not too sweet. The whole package is so cold and crisp, I feel like it's cleaning my whole system as I eat them. Good thing I got two orders.

Now I'm even more confused.

Had my interview today with the Regional Manager. It went well, it felt more like he was selling me on the job, than me selling myself. I really don't know what I'm going to do now, because it would be an ideal set up. I asked if I could speak with the current Syracuse rep to get her take on the job, and they are going to let me do that. I'm also going to start calling various babysitter/daycare in the area, again so I can make an informed decision.

I was home when Eliza got up from her nap, and it was another reminder of how good I have it now. Decisions decisions. The nice thing is, it's better to have options, instead of none at all.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Interview, round two

I had my phone interview last week with the Marketing company I sent my resume to. The HR woman is based in Michigan, and it went well. I definitely got nervous, and had a bit of cotton mouth, but I was happy. Got a call from the Regional Sales Manager yesterday, and tomorrow I have an interview with him in Rochester. hmmmmmm.

Part of me is wondering why I'm even bothing with this. The money is exactly half of what I made in NY (if I make all the bonuses), which is understandable, it's a different part of the country, and I have been out of the workforce for 4 years.

I think I'm doing this for the practice, and to be fully informed about what the day to day position would be. I'm looking forward to talking about what I used to do (stroke the old work ego that is no longer stroked), the Manager said HR highly recommended me, and he was very impressed with my resume. Ultimately, if I make it to the next round, it's going to come down to money: salary minus taxes minus childcare equals am I going back to work?

One caveat, I don't fit into any of my work suits. I am going to stuff myself into the most forgiving one, and just have to feel matronly for a couple of hours. If that doesn't give motivation to get back in shape, I don't know what will. Oh yes I do, I have to wear a bathing suit to swim lessons that start in July. fun fun.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another Astoria

This time of year I love to be outside, well, I love to be outside whenever I can, weather permitting! I was thinking today of my favorite two places in Astoria, which were a few short blocks from our apartment: Elias Corner For Fish and The Bohemian Beer Garden.

Elias Corner is a greek restaurant (no surprise if you know Astoria) where you need to go for fresh, simple fish. They do not have a menu, and everything is grilled with olive oil, salt and pepper and oregano. As you walk in, your fish choices are displayed in the cooler by the kitchen. We always started with the greek salad, with feta, cucumber, tomato, red onion, oil and vinegar and oregano. I always got a kick of how the grocery stores in Astoria always had a choice of 6 different feta cheeses, who knew?! We always ordered a side of those heavenly, yellow, fried potatos, and sometimes a side of sauteed dandelion greens. The fish comes whole, and you need to just dig in, watch for the bones, and enjoy!

Now on to the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden. This is the last true outdoor beer garden in New York City. The building is actually a youth hostel for Czech visitors. They have a kitchen with a menu that consists of cheese, sausages, burgers etc. The bar is dark and non-descript, but once you go through the back door into the garden, you feel like you are in another place entirely. The enclosed garden is more of a very small park, with rows and rows of picnic tables, trees, and a stage for the concerts they hold on the weekends. We spent many a Saturday afternoon and happy hours, with our cold mugs of Spaten, just chatting the time away.

Mother's Day Afternoon

For my first Mother's Day as a Mom, I came home from the hospital with 3 day old Luke. It was the first Mother's Day I forgot to give my mother a card or gift, ooops. I guess I had a good excuse, after going through 31 1/2 hours of labor.

Today has been mellow, which is how I like it. Luke woke me up at seven, and I got my first gift, Mike brought him downstairs and I slept until 10! Came down to Luke sitting on the naughty step, and Eliza wearing a princess crown, face full of chocolate, with Mike trying to change her diaper. I had my Starbucks and Sunday NY Post, along with bacon and cheese on a roll, an homage to my favorite Long Island deli breakfast. Opened my cards and a gift card for a mani/pedi, which I will use during Memorial Day weekend to kick off summer.

It's a bit cool today, but I'm sitting in the sun on my deck as I type. Thought about going for a run, but today is all about being lazy. Actually looking forward to an afternoon glass of wine. I'll get back on track tomorrow, that's what Monday is for.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ireland (sigh).

My sister is going to Ireland next week, and I'm so jealous. I love Ireland and all things Irish. I get my Irish heritage from my Mother's side, my Great Grandfather came over from Kilkenney, and on Ellis Island he changed his name from Louis to Luke. There is a picture of the little cottage where he was born, on a shelf in my Mom's house. My uncles have Irish passports to make travel easier/safer post 9/11, and my Uncle Jack wears a kilt every Christmas Day. My Aunt Linda makes the worlds best Irish Soda bread, sooo good toasted with butter. She gave me the recipie when I got married, but I lost it and I'm too embarrassed to tell her. I have great pins to wear on St. Paddy's day which I got from my deceased grandma, I won't wear them for fear of losing them.

The music and sound of bagpipes brings a tear to my eye, we were supposed to have bagpipes at our wedding, but the retired cop never showed up. My favorite Christmas carol is "Fairytale in NY" by the Pogues, and my favorite love song is "Love you till the end" again, by the Pogues. If you've ever seen P.S. I love You, both of those songs are in the movie. GREAT movie, with two perfect examples of Irish Men, even though the actors who played them weren't Irish! On the topic of movies, I have two other favorites with Irish themes, "Patriot Games" and "Once." Oh, Once. Such a sweet story, the music is so beautiful, again, it could make me cry.

Recently my Aunt and Uncle were in Ireland, tracing the family tree (their favorite past time). Turns out we have a distant relative named Luke, who was married to an Eliza. My children's names!! It's crazy how history repeats itself, whether we realize it or not.

This is a picture of me in Dublin, next to Molly Malone and her cockles. This is a typical photo of me, my eyes are closed.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I now have a five year old.

Yesterday was L's fifth birthday. We celebrated by taking our first trip to Chuckie Cheese, it was a surprise, and it was a hit. It was a perfect day to go, midweek, during the school year. I can't imagine how nutty that place must get on weekends and holidays. I like how we're saving outings like that as a special occaision. I think kids appreciate things more when it's a treat, and not the norm. It's similar to my Mommy and Me group, after awhile, the activites feel like the same old thing. We almost had a birthday party for L and his friends, but I wanted to see if we can get away with not having one for one more year. He was invited to four parties this month, some at the same venues, so I feel like it's all going to blend together. But I do have his party spot picked out for next year, Pet Smart!

Today I went to L's school for a Mother's Day Tea. It was nice to be just the two of us, the class recited a poem and sang a few songs. They gifted us with a fake flower in a pot, with his school picture in the center of the flower. My sister in law warned me that I was going to cry, and I almost did. L is obsessed with a character "Dr. Cockroach" from the movie Monsters vs. Aliens, and he hasn't even seen it yet. L gave me the card he made and I was all set to cry, until I looked at the signature and read that it was from him....and Dr. Cockroach.

Monday, May 4, 2009

that was quick

Wow, I have a phone interview this week. It's with the company that I sent my resume to on a lark. I haven't been on an interview in 8 years! Obviously a phone interview is a screening, but I better go look at hotjobs for some tips. What were my strengths and weaknesses again.............?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

my favorite.....shoe.

I love my Birkenstocks. I really do. They are the first thing I put on in the morning, and the last thing at night. I loathe rainy days, and snow, as those are the times I cannot wear them out of the house. Otherwise I throw on a thick pair of socks and I'm good to go.

I'm on my third pair. I bought my first pair, purple, when I was 21, during an excursion to the "hill" on the SU campus. I bought my second pair, brown, when L was a newborn. Even when my big toe wore a hole in the front, I wouldn't stop wearing them. M finally bought me a new pair, black, for Christmas this year.

I once broke my ankle in New Orleans. I don't think I would have fallen if I had my Birks on. M changed from his dress shoes, and into his Birks for our wedding reception.

Did I mention that I love them?


These flowers cover my woodsy backyard this time of year. I know that spring has officially arrived when I see them scattered among the the trees. They are usually in full bloom by L's birthday which is in 4 days. And FYI, they are illegal to pick.

run run run, it's fun fun they say in Gabba Land.

The Mountain Goat, a 10 mile road race, took place today in Syracuse. Two of my friends ran it, and I'm impressed. I've been thinking of doing it, but it's really hard, verrry hilly. I drove the course last year, and it didn't look too bad, until about mile four. After that its just up and down up and down. It makes the Boilermaker (9.3 mile hilly run in Utica) look like a piece of cake.

Today in church, my mind started to wander a bit, and I thought about my running goals for the next year. I am definitely doing the Boilermaker in July. And I think I'm going to get serious, and put the Syracuse Half Marathon in September on my calendar. Then there is the Budweiser Run, and the Turkey Trot, those are 10k fun runs.

I feel like I'm a broken record, but I need to be careful of my hamsting injury as I train. Lots of stretches and icing after a run. Also have to get some cross training in there, yoga and strength training, to keep myself injury free. I love cardio, I'd rather do that for an hour or two every day and then be done with it. Sitting on the floor and counting crunches, not so much.

It's beautiful out, and I'm heading out soon for a 4 or 5 mile run with my neighbor H. She's trying to get rid of the last of her baby weight. I'm trying to get rid of the weekend excesses.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nearing the end of the baby phase

I was thinking the other night about how we're almost done with all things baby. E is begining to show interest in potty training, and refuses to sit in her high chair. We've had her big girl bed picked out for over a year, but she's still comfy in her crib. I'm starting to get sad about these changes, especially the crib, we've had it set up for five years straight. The nice thing is that it turns into a head and footboard for a full size bed, so we can put it in the guest room. L is off to kindergarten in September, and E will be in nursery school. We will be in full on kid mode then. It's exciting to think about, all the new things they'll be learning. And it's actually easier to get around with them, no more diaper bag, and they don't need to be carried everywhere. But it still makes me sad, which is normal. It doesn't make me want another baby, I know in my heart that we are done. My brother has a newborn, and just hearing her cry over the phone (colic!) makes me want to run for cover. We are lucky to have one boy and one girl, it's perfect. One for me, one for Mike, even steven.