Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's going on with the interview?

I'd like to know too! It's been over two weeks since my second interview, and haven't heard a thing. I sent the interviewer a thank you, then it was a holiday weekend, which always throws things off. I'm going to try and get a hold of the HR woman today. It's strange. The first two interviews came on like gangbusters and then, nothing.

We are done with the first week of our Biggest Loser Challenge. I agree with K, and I have decided to forgo the weekly date with the scale. Mike did keep off the four pounds he lost, and I don't feel like making comparisons and getting discouraged when we just started.

The weather is still very cool and grey for June. I've switched my morning coffee for iced, even though a hot cup is more in tune with the weather! I make a strong pot and keep it in the fridge, then in the a.m, I fill a big glass with ice, some fat free/chemical laden creamer and suck it down. Trying to trick myself into feeling like summer, even though it feels like fall.

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Elizabeth said...

Love iced coffee! I can't find the "chemically laden" flavored creamer over here so I make my own with milk, sweetened condensed milk (reduced fat version), and vanilla.