Monday, May 25, 2009

Salad Days, no pun intended

Ugh, I am very full from a weekend of BBQ....tomorrow's weigh in should be interesting. I'm truly ready for some rabbit food.

I made a yummy Greek salad today for my niece's birthday BBQ, my sis in law said we should have taken a photo of it. Well I would have, but I broke the camera. : ) There was enough for leftovers for tomorrow's lunch, and I think my grilled veggie salad is going to make an appearance this week as well. Here you go K, this is the grilled veggie recipe, it makes either two dinner salads, or four side salads:

one bag of greens
2 Portabello Mushroom caps, stem removed
4-5 carrots, sliced lengthwise for easy grilling
2 zucchini, sliced lengthwise
one bunch asparagus, ends trimmed
one avocado, cut into bite size pieces. I do this right before serving, so it doesn't brown.
medium red onion, cut into 4-5 slices. I stick a toothpick into each slice lengthwise, so the rings don't come apart.
1/4 pound blue cheese, I prefer Maytag Blue, and I crumble it myself
3/4 cup walnuts coarsely chopped. Toast these before grilling the veggies, 350 degree oven for about four minutes. Keep a close eye, can burn quickly.
Newman's light balsamic dressing, or just oil and balsamic vinegar.

Marinate veggies in either tupperware or large ziplock bags, 2 hours before grilling. For the marinade, I use olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh ground pepper, kosher salt, and dried rosemary.

Once grill is hot, put carrots and onion on first, as they take longer to cook. Then put mushrooms, zuch, and asparagus on.

Divide greens onto two plates. Slice up the veggies into bite size pieces, divide onto greens. Sprinkle walnuts, cheese and avocado on as well. Add a bit of dressing if you need it. Get a fork and dive in.

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Unknown said...

That sounds delish!! I think I might try it this week, but I have to get the grill cleaned!! Thanks, Molly!