Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nearing the end of the baby phase

I was thinking the other night about how we're almost done with all things baby. E is begining to show interest in potty training, and refuses to sit in her high chair. We've had her big girl bed picked out for over a year, but she's still comfy in her crib. I'm starting to get sad about these changes, especially the crib, we've had it set up for five years straight. The nice thing is that it turns into a head and footboard for a full size bed, so we can put it in the guest room. L is off to kindergarten in September, and E will be in nursery school. We will be in full on kid mode then. It's exciting to think about, all the new things they'll be learning. And it's actually easier to get around with them, no more diaper bag, and they don't need to be carried everywhere. But it still makes me sad, which is normal. It doesn't make me want another baby, I know in my heart that we are done. My brother has a newborn, and just hearing her cry over the phone (colic!) makes me want to run for cover. We are lucky to have one boy and one girl, it's perfect. One for me, one for Mike, even steven.

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