Thursday, May 28, 2009

Food, Folks and Fun

Luke redeemed himself today, we had a playdate with another one of his classmates. We were there for 2 1/2 hours, no fights, no nonsense, no meltdowns. Whew. Eliza played really well too. It's raining again today, so it was nice to have a new place to play since we had to be inside. Snack was especially good, half moon cookies for the kids, mini muffins and coffee for the Mom's. Coffee with full fat creamer and full fat blueberry muffin...not the greatest snack since we started the weight loss challenge! When we weighed in on Tuesday, the scale was a bit higher than I expected, greeaaat. Looking at our meals, we eat pretty healthy, it's just a matter of cutting back a bit on portion sizes, and eliminating certain snacks. I'm having leftover home made pizza for lunch again today, but I made it with a whole wheat crust, carmelized onion, and mushrooms. And I put on HALF of the cheese Mike usually tosses on there. Tonight I can't wait to make my Dad's famous fried rice. Yes, it's fried, but I use healthy olive oil in the wok, and put in tons of veggies, and use brown rice. I'm drooling already.

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