Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not A Short Sale, Just A Short Leg.

It's funny how when you meet someone and learn that they are a runner, how easily the conversations flows, as if you're old friends.  This happened to me twice yesterday on the soccer field.  Luke and Eliza both had games along with team photos, which meant we were there first at 7:45 a.m., then again at 1:30.  Aside from the first week, their games have been at completely opposite times.

For Eliza's game, I ended up sitting next to her Assistant Coach.  There is a man who runs around my neighborhood wearing a Survivor buff, and I had a feeling it was him.  Which he confirmed, then told me it was given to him by a rep from a running shoe company, and he wears it all the time because it keeps all the sweat out of his eyes.  We ended up talking about All Things Running (including my trip to the Chiropractor, which I'll get to in a minute) for the whole game, while cheering on the kiddo's.

Later that day at Luke's game, I realized after the game started that he needed his water bottle, so I headed over to the side of the field.  His coach noticed my NYC Marathon shirt, and in about 30 seconds, he found out which races I've run, that my heel was acting up, and I learned that he is an Ultra Runner.

Speaking of my heel, it's feeling 85% better, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can run soon.  Mike belongs to a local business organization, and one of the members is a Chiropractor, and apparently, a really good one, as he treats the athletes up at the University.  When Mike told him about my latest foot issues, and how my podiatrist recommended a  cortisone shot and a night splint, he winced, and said that I had to get in to see him, and that he would get me fixed up.

I've never been to a chiropractor, and I was curious, so I went on Friday. I told him about my running, and my history of injuries on my left side.  He examined me, and lo and behold, determined that my right leg is significantly shorter than my left, and that my pelvis is completely out of alignment.

Talk about an A HA! moment!

Of course I went home and googled this info, and it looks like I could be the poster girl for Short Leg Syndrome because I experience all of the following:

  1. Knee pain in both the short and long legs.
  2. Sciatica, or inflammation of the nerves in the leg and lower back.
  3. Poor balance when walking and running (I now have an excuse for 40 years of bumps, bruises and falls.  For more details, see this post).
  4. Foot and ankle pain. 

To top it all off, to compensate for a shorter leg, you pronate. And we already know that I'm a stellar over-pronator.

The Chiropractor did some electronic stimulation on my lower back and foot, than did some adjustments to help even me out.  He then explained the science behind why stretching and night splints don't help the body heal (it turns out that a stretched muscle means cells are stretched out, and away from the area that needs to be healed).  I'm going back tomorrow, but I can't tell you how happy I am to have a concrete reason as to why I have been dealing with injury for my past 16 years of running.  I really feel like I'll be back out there sooner than later.

Can I get a Whoop Whoop?!?!!?!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Three: The Boot Edition

1. The Boot is Back. Ugh.

I had to deal with plantar fasciitis about 8 years ago, and I thought I was pretty much done with it.  From time to time my heel hurts, but I know how to fix the flare ups, so I haven't had any major issues.  But after the Boilermaker in July, my heel started acting angry.  I scaled back my running during August, but still had my sights set on the Empire Half Marathon in October.  Once the kids were back in school I started training again, until this past Sunday.  I took Frank out for a long run, and only made it two miles.

Today I visited my friendly neighborhood podiatrist, he gave me a cortisone shot (ouch) then told me to wear the boot as often as possible.  I dug it out of my closet, and I'm wearing it now.  I actually wore the thing once on a flight to Dublin.  Which was the same flight where security made Mike unpack his carry-on in front of them, and put his stuff all over a table because he packed a portable fan, and they couldn't tell what it was.  The guy cannot go anywhere without a fan. Or two. (I kid you not).

2. The other night while we were sleeping, you could have walked right into the house through the basement wall. Or lack of wall.  A few months ago we had a major rainstorm Memorial Day weekend, and came home to a flooded basement.  As a result, we had to take down one entire wall and have it re-built.

*The creepy hand prints are from the family who lived here before us.

To keep some of the costs down,  Mike dug out some of the outside dirt and I pulled down huge pieces of plywood from the walls.

I counted it as my cardio for the day.

Luckily it's all fixed........but now the garage door opener is on the fritz.

3. Fall TV makes me happy, especially Survivor!  When this show is on, Mike and I pretty much count it as a date night. We have beer and wine on hand, and something simple for dinner (like delivery). The kids know that getting out of bed to bother ask us for something is a no-no.  I love that Lisa Whelchel aka Blair from The Facts Of Life is part of the crew.  I have a feeling she's going to screw it up though and be one of the first to get kicked off.

But if she does, I'll console myself with these: