Thursday, August 8, 2013

I brake for pennies.

Like most people, I can be a bit OCD about things.

It used to be worse in college, I'm sure due to anxiety, but I still have to do things a certain way, or else I bug out.  When I'm grocery shopping, I have to take the item behind the one closest to the edge of a shelf. If I step on a leaf, a crack in the sidewalk, or a piece of paper, I must do the same thing with the other foot.  If I see a random penny on the ground, I pick it up, since all day long I'll have good luck.  The other morning I was running with my friends, and I stopped twice to pick up pennies.  After a while my sis-in-law J pointed one out, and I made her stop and get it, since it was her luck.  

Our group is still running in the early morning, here we are at the Boilermaker 15K:

This was the sixth year I've run it, I wasn't sure how it was going to go because of my twisted ankle I hadn't had enough time to train properly.  But it ended up being the best race I'd ran in a long time.  It certainly wasn't my fastest, but I felt great the whole time.  It was a hot day, but I was smart about hydrating ahead of time, and I made a point to grab water from every water station, I either took a few sips, or dumped it over my head. My plan was to run to the six mile marker, and if my ankle was barking, I would do a combo of running/walking to finish.  Lo and behold, mile six came and went, then seven, then I realized with two miles left, I could do the whole thing without my ankle giving me a problem.  I crossed the finish with a smile, and was rewarded with a huge dose of motivation to train for my next race, the Empire State Half in October. 

Whoo hoo!

Speaking of races, I had to choose another winner for the Spartan Race Entry Giveaway, and that person is Carrie, from Maine Mom on The Run, congrats!

I've got a few reviews coming up in the next post, but this here is one from Eliza!  She was sent a Botti-Bot, a remote control toy (which you can find at Target and Walmart) that is geared toward girls, and she really got a kick out of it.

I think Frank liked it too. 

Happy Weekend, and Happy Running!