Friday, May 15, 2009

The Mother Of All Meltdowns

Today started out great. It's a beautiful day, sunny, warm, really nice. I took Luke to school, then ran 5 miles on the treadmill while Eliza entertained herself with toys and Sesame Street. I was looking forward to a lunch/playdate after school at one of Luke's friends houses. The Mom who was hosting us is truly a nice person, and very well put together. They have a beautiful house, and the kids all got along, we chatted easily, no major problems was time to leave. One of our friends daughters introduced Luke to the concept of borrowing toys, which is fine, when you know the family well and you know the toy will eventually be returned. As we were packing up to leave today, Luke asked me if he could borrow on of his friends toys, and I told him no. I did the usual explaining that it was time to go, we weren't going to do that today, so let's thank our friends for a nice day, blah blah blah. Luke proceeded to have THE hugest tantrum I have EVER seen. He really has only had a few in his life, but this was a zinger. Screaming, crying, carrying on, red face, tears. I took him over to the stairs and told him he was acting like a baby, and embarassing me, and to knock it off. The poor host Mom was running around trying to find a tatoo or sticker or something to give him to end it. This seriously lasted for 10 minutes, with me trying to put on his shoes, and getting Eliza and all our crap. Finally he stood in the hallway and said "I'm afraid of you mommy!" Whhhat????? did he really just SAY that?! I was MORTIFIED. Believe me, I felt like smacking him, not that I did. I took him into the driveway and left him there in his socks, couldn't even get his shoes on. Finally get us all in the car, and on the way home, with Eliza eating a banana that she swiped from their fruit bowl. He's been in his bed for a hour and a half, and so help me he is staying there until dinner.

I know Host Mom is a mother, and knows how kids are, but I feel like an ass. Luke cried one other time at this same kids birthday party because he couldn't have a Wall-e figure off the kids' cake. I shouldn't care what she thinks, but I do. I'm going to see her tomorrow at another birthday party, so I've got my apology ready. I am truly mortified. Is is cocktail hour yet?

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Jennifer said...

Thank goodness miss E stayed calm! The "I'm afraid of you" comment cracked me up: I remember when Leif went through that stage! I am sure the mom has experienced dozens of similar meltdowns herself. After all, no child is immune fro the boundary-testing, button-pushing, parent-annoying stage!