Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spirits and My Spirituality

Today has been a lazy day. We've been going non-stop this month, and we needed a day to just veg out and play. Which means I got to catch up on reality TV while Eliza napped and Luke played his Leapster. I watched "The Little Couple," about newlyweds who are Little People. They had their palms read, and the wife said how she shouldn't really be having it done, since she's Catholic, and it goes against the religion. She sounded like my Mother. I'm Catholic, and my faith is in God, but I'm really interested in the whole psychic world. And I can be superstitious....or maybe it's just my OCD.

I grew up in a haunted house. For real. My Mother's house is over 100 years old, we have pictures from when it was a small farmhouse, and it was surrounded by fields. I'm talking horse and buggy, brown and white photos, with faces devoid of expression. There is a presence in the house, we call it The Ghost. It's a friendly one, and it reminds us from time to time that it's there. The microwave will turn on, a window will close, a chair will spin, etc. I woke up one night and looked up, and saw a man standing at the window, he looked Amish. He was standing there as if he was looking out over his fields. I wasn't scared, I thought, "oh, its the Ghost" and I went back to sleep. Luke has seen it, and so has my sisters, it's definitely there.

I got sucked into another reality show, with the psychic Lisa Williams, and read her book. And I recently found out that a high school friend is also psychic. I think that ability could be real, how else can you explain the things they know? I mentioned to my Mom that I wanted to have a reading done, and she reminded me that we don't believe in that. I had my palm read once at a party, but it was b.s. There isn't anything that I want to find out, like where an insurance policy is hidden, I'm just curious. There are people in my life who have passed on, some way too early in life. I truly feel like they're okay, since I believe in an afterlife, and I talk to them in my head. But I wonder what they would say back to me if they could.

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