Monday, April 27, 2009

Other Mothers

This morning at the preschool pickup, I saw a fellow mom who gave birth at the end of February. She looked great, like she's never had kids, and she has three! Oh I'm jealous. I hate knowing so many people with babies, who are thinner than I am, and my baby is two and a half! I can't help physically comparing myself to other mothers. There is a mix at my son's school. I fall into the laid back group, I never shower before drop off, and most of the time, not before pick up either. I look presentable, but I definitely look like I rolled out of bed. Then there are the Moms who work, full or part time. They look great, with clean hair, a fresh face of makeup, and a cute outfit. I like looking at them just to see what is fashionable these days. The Moms I am really envious of are the ones who wear work out clothes, either they just got a work out in at home, or, they're like one Mother, who literally runs off on the walking trail after she says good bye to her son. I could fall into this last category, if I got my lazy butt out of bed at the crack of dawn and got onto the treadmill.
I wonder what the teacher thinks of all of us, while we chat away outside her door. I always feel bad for her whenever I see her. She lost her adult son to cancer last year, and was out for the school year because of it. Looking at Mrs. S reminds me to stop thinking about what doesn't matter, and focus on what does.

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Jennifer said...

I like this layout so much more! Easier to read! Your post is very timely, and very much the subject on my mind. End of winter will do that! It's great that you are able to gain perspective for that (I have a secret trick that I can tell you about) but that doesn't make the boo boo go away. Yes, I just used toddler speak. My incentive for getting over this sorta stuff is the fact that I don't want my daughters to grow up and act the same way as me. Not that that has entirely worked so far....