Friday, April 24, 2009

Hopefully My Motivation is Back

I've been active my entire life. Love to swim, play tennis, ride my bike. About ten years ago I got into running, which I think is the greatest thing ever. Takes off the weight, you work up a great sweat, and puts me in the best mood. The only thing that really sucks are the injuries!! I had plantar faciitis for a while, and it still flares up from time to time. But that is nothing compared to a pulled hamstring coupled with tendonitis. I seriously had pain from it for a YEAR. After running my last 15k race, I took a loooong time off, and even did some PT. It's now almost May, and I'm looking at an extra 20 pounds hanging on my bod. So this past Monday, I finally got my act together, and have run 17 miles this week. I have a treadmill, which helps for winter runs. But I really loooove running outside with my ipod. love love love it. If I had my way, I would run outside every morning, but I'm a little nervous of someone messing with me. Plus I feel bad about running when the kids are up, I feel like I should be focusing on them and not me. But like I said, I've got some weight to lose, so I'm going to focus on me for a while.

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Jennifer said...

I WISH I could run outside! I am having such a hard time making the transition. My distance reduces and my time gets worse. I did it for two weeks in the middle of winter with the girls in Central Park and the jogging stroller and it was hard!