Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Rochester Home

I have lived in a few places, but they've all been in NY. Growing up, I assumed after I graduated from college, I would set off for parts unknown, checking out new coastlines or countries. Well, I did do that, in the form of vacations. After my one year gig at a magazine in NY, I moved to Rochester, where I had friends, and more importantly, a chance to get out of my Mother's house! Rochester is a great city, although a bit far from LI. We had a great apartment in a beautiful old house, in a young neighborhood with a lot going on. Niagra Falls and Toronto were a few hours away, while the Finger Lakes and vineyards were even closer. Did I mention the snow? Lots of snow? I got good at driving in it, and wasn't fazed when I did a 360 slide on an entrance ramp of the expressway. But I was always wondering what was going to come next. I lived vicarously through MTV's the Real World, to this day I regret not moving to San Francisco for a while. I had a chance to move to Charlotte, NC, and Boston, but I passed. I don't know what I was afraid of. NYC seemed an easier move to make, since I already knew it. M was game after I told him we could afford Queens. So that was that.

My very good friends B&D own a home in Rochester, where we spent LOTS of time. It's comforting to go back there, it's always the same, the way a home should be.

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