Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How I love my books, not to mention magazines

I was thinking earlier about how books occupy a lot of space in my house. I have a bookcase in the living room, and I could kick myself for not buying two of this particular piece during a trip to Ikea. I'm running out of room on it, I'm stacking books wherever I can. I don't really want to stack them in front of other books, because I love to look at them all. Besides the living room, I have a bookcase full of cook books and decorating books in the kitchen, and in the tv room, L&E's books fill a shelf in the wall, as well as a shelf on the bottom of a table. We have a full bookcase in the guest room, and in the kids rooms, I have baskets, and shelves full of books, in addition to the piles on their floor, and dressers. I've got a stack on my bedside table. L already has a library card, and he knows how to read.

I love to read everything. I never got annoyed about the books we were assigned in English classes, well, other than Exodus, which I skimmed. My favorite author is Marian Keyes, who I got to meet at a book signing, and who is friends with M's coworker. She's considered chick lit, but I think she does chick lit with dark undertones. When I find a book that I like, I tend to revisit it over and over. Sometimes just a chapter, sometimes the whole thing. I'm very careful with my books, no broken bindings or ripped covers. I love buying the kids books that I loved when I was young, E already has a complete set of Little House on the Prarie books, the same editions I had. I found them in a little bookstore 12 years before she was born.

I've gotten better about magazines, at one point I had so many subscriptions I couldn't read them all. I have a basket in the living room that holds the issues I want to keep, and there are always a magazine or two in the downstairs bathroom. I've had a subscription to Glamour since Junior year of college.

This is my first attempt at uploading a photo for a post, it's of the living room bookcase. You can see my copies of the Twilight books, in hardcover no less. Yes, they're targeted to teens, but I loved them! But that's a whole other post.


Jennifer said...

My (non negotiable) requirements for next house is a library! Built in bookshelves! I have two huge shelves here that are doubled lined with book and the rest are packed up in LV. I HATE not having them all here with us. It is a very visceral reaction for me, this separation of books and me! Every once in a while I think about those kindles but then I think I can't not have the books themselves!

Molly said...

I feel like kindles are a better choice if we're going to try and save the planet, but it's not the same as a real live book.