Friday, April 24, 2009

Blame it on

I feel like the move from NYC was meant to be. Once we decided our game plan, I started looking at houses online. I couldn't get over the prices, and what we could get for our money. More than one bathroom, more than one tv room, a YARD, a finished basement??? 6 months before our move, I found a beautiful house, it truly was perfect. But we said oh well, we're not ready yet, and clicked off. Fast forward a few months, and the house was still there. We never saw the house in person until the day we closed on it. A January ice storm prevented our initial visit, but we put a bid in anyway, the estranged couple accepted it, and we were homeowners in just 8 hours. The kicker was that the square footage of our Astoria apartment was the same size as the deck on our new house!

Moving to M's hometown was not scary at all. I was very comfortable there, I actually considered my brother in law's house one of my homes (more on that later). The first few nights were funny, we couldn't get over how quiet it was. As we sat on the porch I felt like we should whisper. We are in a development, with 15 houses on our street, so it's not a deserted area. It's just a little quieter than Queens.

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