Sunday, April 26, 2009

oh why not

I applied for a job today. Last fall, on a random rainy Tuesday, I updated my resume. I've meant to do this since I left my last job, but it's like cleaning out your closets, you reeaaally have to be in the mood. After the holiday's, I posted it on Career Builder, and sent it to some local recruiters. I've wanted to try and find something part time for a while now, but logistics (nursery school, daycare?, M's job) kept getting in the way. Plus the fact that the economy sucks and people are trying to find full time work, forget part time. Well, I got some calls, including two from AXA Equitable. I really enjoy sales, and it's a family friendly type vocation. It just has to be the right type of sales job, not insurance, or, heaven help me, automotive. Career Builder sends me weekly posts, and lo and behold, one listing caught my eye. It's similar to what I used to do, in fact I used to work with this company on mutual accounts. Of course, now it's summer, and not the best time of year to want to go back to work, and here I am, putting the cart before the horse. But applying for this job is doing two things for me, one, it's making me appreciate my time with my kids. And two, I realize that I'm ready to start bringing home the bacon again.

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