Wednesday, June 10, 2009

not wrinkle free, but better

My wrinkle cream experiment is going pretty well. I love a good product, as the photographic evidence shows. Those tubes and jars are just for my face, and doesn't include my sunscreen, which I keep in the downstairs bathroom. I've been using Roc's deep wrinkle line, including the facial cleansing pads. The pads lasted for two weeks, and served as a mini facial. My skin did look much brighter each time I used them. I'm getting a bit obsessed about the wrinkles under my eyes. We went to a 40th birthday party over the weekend, and I couldn't help checking out every one's eyes, and comparing them to mine. I did this comparison activity once before, when I got into eyebrow plucking/shaping. I'm even doing it while watching the Real Housewives of NJ, but they are all so botoxed it's unreal.

I'm not a huge Oprah person, but I watch when Dr. Oz is on, I think he's great. I came across his discussion about Resveratrol, it's supposed to be the fountain of youth in pill form. Resveratrol is found in the skin of grapes, which is why red wine is so good for you. I was surprised he endorsed it, since it's an herb, and not FDA approved, but now I'm a bit curious. Not curious enough to try it though, I'll stick to my multi-vitamin and red wine and Roc cream regimen.

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