Saturday, June 13, 2009

Running Random Thoughts

I was on facebook last night, and a friend from college posted her photos from the recent Mini 10k run in Central Park. I got a little homesick for NY, the Mini was the first race I did when I joined the NY Road Runners. That race is only open to women, and it's a great time. So I was definitely geared up for my run this morning, a 7.5 miler around the neighborhood.

I listen to music as I run, but my mind never stops. I think of the most random things. I'm going to use bullets for this post, just to give you an idea.

  • I was a bit worried about this morning's run. I had some wine last night, because after all, it was friday. But my run was great, steady pace, no cramps, nothing. Wine is all carbs, so I'm going to consider it carb loading, like a pasta dinner.

  • I wonder if my left leg is longer than my right. I've talked about my left leg issues. I was born with my legs turned in, and had to wear a brace at night for my first year to straighten them out. I have an easier time running when my left foot is closest to the side of the road, could the slope in the road be evening out my stride? I think I need to measure my legs to be sure.

  • The last ten minutes of the movie Sense and Sensibility is so, so good. Spoiler alert - when Edward declares his love to Elinor, and she crumples into a heap of tears and laughter, I swear I get chills and start crying too. It gets even better a minute later, when Marianne and Col Brandon come out of the church after their wedding, it's such a great surprise that I cry all over again.

  • When I come to the part of my run that goes past a lake, and I see people fishing, I start coughing or sniffling loudly to let them know I'm there. The last thing I need is for them to cast into me, and I get a fish hook in my cheek. (I blame it on There's Something About Mary).

Told you it was random.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a nice run. I like the idea of wine as carb-loading!!

Molly said...

Good justification huh?
Great job on your bike ride! I can't get over how you ride it for not one, not two, but three hours!