Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Wow, do I dare say that as I look out the window I see......the SUN?? I just told the kids that we'll do a marathon playground session today, and hit as many as we can before naptime.

I got some lousy news yesterday (not about the interview). I'm still processing it, and need a distraction. Time to blog about one of my favorite places, the Adirondacks. Mike has been going up since he was a kid, actually, his Dad has been going up since he was a kid. It's where we go to get a good fix of the outdoors, and being on the water. It's beautiful there. The first thing I do in the morning, is take my coffee outside onto the porch, and just listen to the woods, and suck in the air. The air has a distinct scent. At night there are so many stars that you don't even have to look up, you can look straight ahead to see them. The best time of year is fall, the colors of the changing leaves is insane at times.

Mike and I lived up there for a time after college, bartending and waiting tables. It was a great time, we made friendships that we still have to this day. One of my favorite spots to go and have a drink or dinner is at the Woods Inn It's a great restaurant and hotel, and when Mike's parents babysit for us, we head over to sit next to the lake, sip a drink and watch the day turn into night.

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