Sunday, June 21, 2009

Adirondack Home

I feel a bit bad for Mike today. Somehow, Father's Day always ends up being about something other than him. The past two years my Mother has visited during Father's Day weekend. This weekend we planned on going up to the Adirondacks, to visit his parents and catch up with an old college friend. The weather was supposed to be lousy, and our friend ended up not being in town, so Mike really didn't want to go. But we went anyway, and as usual, it was great.

The first time Mike brought me to his camp, we were in college. It really is a special place. It holds so many memories, things obviously change there, but they also stay the same. Which I find so comforting when we have a zillion things going on in our lives. I lie in the same spot in the same bed at night, and feel like I did before we were married, or had kids. The nice thing is that I have grown in many ways, my life has gotten infinitely better, but I'm still me. I love bringing the kids there, I feel like I can't get enough of it. It's hard to describe. I love big cities, but I'm also a nature girl. Every season in the Adirondacks brings something out of me, and makes me appreciate how simple life can be. And it brings me joy. The kids are already finding their sense of joy there, as Luke demonstrates as he dances on the dock.

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