Monday, June 29, 2009

My Owl.

This is the owl that lives in our backyard, he's been around for a couple of years now. He usually appears at dusk, and we can hear him making various screetching noises after dark. This afternoon I got a surprise visit, so I crept up to the window to try and take his photo. I have other photos of him, but this is the closest I've ever gotten. He looked right into my eyes before turning away. Pretty cool, huh?


Jennifer said...

Omg! I blew up the pi! He looks like an ewok. Or whatever that star wars creature is/are. That is too cool! By the way, I called you before. I am trying to figure out our long weekend.

Unknown said...

We hear that owl too!! (at least I think it's that one!) So cool that you got a pic...I even called my husband in to look at it!

Anonymous said...

haha Nice blog with nice picture of OWL :)

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Jblanton said...

cool picture- I try to get up close pictures of birds but never can get very good ones-
following your blog from under 100 MBC