Friday, March 19, 2010

Powered by Potatoes

Tomorrow is the first day of the training runs for the Mountain Goat, and I'm excited. I feel like I should be nervous or intimidated, but I'm not. I used to be afraid of the Boilermaker, but after running it for the past three years, I feel like it's a walk in the park. So I have a good mindset for this new challenge of mine, and it makes me realize how confident I feel about tackling my marathon training.

Speaking of marathons, the lottery winners for the NYC Marathon aren't going to be announced until April 7! It was supposed to be the end of March. But as I said before, I'm happy about my plan for Rochester in the fall, but I'm still anxious to see what happens with NYC.

Since I can't get enough of social networking sites, I joined Daily Mile. It seems pretty cool, and I've "friended" some local runners, as well as blogger friends, so look me up if the mood strikes!

I ran a quick 2.5 miles this morning on the treadmill while the kids played, and then we spent the afternoon walking and playing. I made them mashed potatoes to go with their dinner, and for some reason they were really watery. So I kept them on the burner to steam out some of the water, and after about ten minutes they were perfect! I wanted to get outside and calibrate my friend Jen's Nike + ipod, so when Mike got home I ran a quick mile. I'm telling you, I was zipping along like it was nobody's business. Those spuds were better than m&m's for energy. I might be onto something.


Xenia said...

Powered By Potatoes - I'm thinking the potato industry might want to use that slogan!

I hate feeling like such a slacker when I read your blog Molly, but you're such an amazing runner. The training widget that you added is really cool, 13 miles this week? Wow!

ajh said...

Love potatoes! Just plain, nothing needs to be added!

Julie said...

Hi Molly,
Wow, you are running the Rochester marathon in the fall and also might run NYC if you can:) That is so impressive!!

I am a farm girl and my mom made potatoes for almost every single meal! My kids love the mashed and baked variety:) Better than M&M's....I will have to try it sometime!!

Molly, I am so sick but I am still running this morning...I look as bad as I feel but I want my medal and hooded sweatshirt!! No super speedy miles today! Have a great weekend!

Keely said...

Happy Saturday!

I am both a lapsed runner AND a lapsed potato-eater. It took me until I was a teenager to realize I hated them. Weird, I know.

Also- this is distressing to my Irish side of the family...about as upsetting as my chili pepper allergy is to my Armenian relatives.

Good luck getting a lottery number!!

yonca said...

OhMy..Potates!!! As chips or mashed or baked oh ok i like potatoes no matter how they are cooked, they really are the best!!Hope your run goes well today.

ajh said...

I did not watch the basketball game. I was too tired. I must admit I actually have Syracuse going all the way in my bracket so now I am rooting for them. If UVM had beaten them I would have been thrilled but did not think it likely so did not fill out my bracket that way. Interesting with the brothers!! Did you follow the UVM at all about the player whose mother just died? They highlighted that on the finals game before the playoff. Very sad.

NY Wolve said...

Potatoes are the best. In addition to our crazy expensive salad, we also bought potatoes from our potato guy. (Last summer I saw Mario Batali buying potatoes from him also.) Little button mushroom sized ones that I roasted in sea salt and olive oil. Awesome. I could eat potatoes every day.

Bummer about New York, I saw that. More uncertainty...

Brad said...

Hi Molly, good idea staeming the taters to dry them up, I do this too before mashing them.