Saturday, March 20, 2010

Absent mindedness.

My first training run for the Mountain Goat was a success. I was a bit overdressed (I wore pearls. Just kidding, I wore my diamond studs) because even though it was sunny, it was only about 41 degrees. And I'm now convinced that I am an ipod jinx, because the Nike+ that I borrowed froze up right when we were getting ready to run. So that makes three.

Today was a spring cleaning kind of day at home, so I decided to tear apart my Jeep and suck up a winters worth of garbage out of all the seats. I found a couple of water toys left from summer, so I guess I was overdue. I put a couple of half empty boxes of fruit snack type things on the roof of the car while vacuuming, which I promptly forgot about. I had to return a few books to the library (my latest fine was $4.65) so I made a quick trip over to drop them off. On the way home, I passed a box of fruit snacks on the side of the road, with the little packets strewn around. When I got home Mike said he found another box in the driveway.

I don't mean to be absent minded, or clumsy, the sad thing is I really try to be organized and pay attention to things, it just doesn't work for me. Case in point:

I once made a pot of coffee at work, but forgot to put the pot under the spout. I came back to the break room, to see three of my co-workers mopping up the coffee that had flowed all over the place. I said "Who did that?!"

When Luke was a year old, I accidentally locked my keys in the Jeep, with him in his car seat, along with my cellphone, in the library parking lot. I borrowed a phone from a woman in the car next to me to call Mike, then I danced around the Jeep, making funny faces so he wouldn't cry. That lasted about 15 minutes, after which the poor kid was like, okay, it was fun for the first five minutes, but not for the last ten.

I've never had a kitchen disaster (well, one time I had to use the fire extinguisher, but that doesn't count), but I can make a mess. Years ago I was making a cake and got mad at my brother about something, so I slammed the bowl down, and the batter flew up everywhere, and a big glob of it slapped him right in the eye. He sees just fine now.

The above photo of Eliza has nothing to do with this post, I just like it. She looks like a runner.

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Mrs. M said...

I think the proper jewels can just make a workout a little better - add a little extra sparkle to your step. :)

Love your Sunday snippets - too funny. I hope your brother learned to never mess with you in the kitchen!

yonca said...

I'm still laughing that you said 'who did that':)
Once, I forgot my whistle-less kettle on the stove and I didn't noticed until I got that nasty smell.Have a great Sunday!


glad to hear that I'm not the only one who cares about fashion when running. Nothing wrong with a little shimmer! Too funny!

kristen said...

Hey girl. Long time no read. I missed you :)

That book sounds awesome. Hopefully I can get a post out and enter the giveaway. If not, I'm totally buying it. I think I need it!

I love that you wear those diamonds.

ajh said...

It is a cute photo. Funny stories!

Heather said...

Hello! Found you on TMC. I am a runner too, so I find your blog quite interesting! Be back to visit soon. ;) Following now.

Julie said...

Hi Molly,
Oh my gosh, I can't believe all of the funny things that happen to you:) When my college boy was two weeks old I accidentally locked him in the car with my keys too. I was getting some groceries out of the trunk...and I was like, oh crap!! I had to call the police to have them help me unlock my door. My car did not have automatic lock so they just jimmied it open:) My college boy screamed the entire time:( I felt so bad:(

BTW: I wear my diamond studs every day!! I always have them on even on my runs:)

Tiffany said...

I lose my phone and keys at least twice a day - seriously lose them. I know what you mean. Someone once told me that while pregnant our brains literally shrink 8% - I don't know if it's true or not but I'm not sure mine actually grew back to normal size.

Susan Fobes said...

I can relate. I can turn my ankle just walking outside (did that this weekend), and neat baking is just not my thing, so feel comfort in the fact that there are more of us than you think! LOL!

Unknown said...

I always have some sort of ipod/phone malfunction when I run. Nothing is ever smooth.

I am thinking of running the Wineglass Marathon this fall in Corning NY. My sister and her fiancée live there. She wanted to run her first marathon with us. I also used to live about 10 mins from the NY boarder in CT.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

RobinLK said...

Hi Molly!

Hello from Orlando (where it's only 'slightly' warmer than 41 degrees)!

So glad you stopped by the Turtles blog last week... I'm just now catching up - must be all that social networking we're doing. :) No, really - spent family time away from the computer - nice!

Can totally relate to you and your blog already, so I'm excited to be following! Finding balance, absentmindedness (hubby swears I've lost my mind half the time!...hmmm... may be right!), training for first half in 2010 (just completed mine: Disney Princess Half - awesome!), and the batter story cracked me up (hit kinda close to home...hee hee).

Looking forward to reading back through your posts. :)

Oh, and diamond studs are especially appropriate for any and all occasions in my book! :)

Have a great day!

Mandee said...

Those are some pretty funny stories! Don't feel bad though I have done some really stupid things myself. Especially like the time I was driving with my vehicle in 4 wheel drive. (One of the kids must have been bouncing around in the car while I was sweeping it out and knocked it into 4 wheel drive.) It was summer time and my vehicle was not driving right. I stopped at a mechanic only to be humiliated when they told me the only problem was that I was driving in 4 wheel on dry pavements. How embarrassing!

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April said...

Love the pic!!
Those are great stories!!
I've not locked my kids in the car, but they have locked me out of the house. When my oldest was 2 he locked the door behind me when I went into the garage to grab something. Thankfully my neighbor has a key!

Mark said...

Cauht up on your blog tonight. Always great stuff. The book you are giving away sounds like a great read. I love that you shared the not-so-subtle difference between "have to," and "get to."
As far as the absent-mindedness, my wife and I just chalk that up to the kiddies slowly taking away our sanity—in a good way—yet, all the same. Good luck!

Mama Up! said...

It's funny - I used to be ridiculously on the ball, until I had kids. Supposedly pregnancy and nursing and all those late nights depletes the brain of the essential fatty acids its made of, leaving us slightly less intelligent!

Tara said...

Girl, I wear pearls on every run, who doesn't? :)

You and I would be great friends. I'm just as absent minded as you are. My husband has learned to just shake his head and go about his own business.

I would have totally done the same thing with the coffee spill. You're too funny!

Anonymous said...

Glad I am not the only one who's mind gets away from them. Thanks for sharing. The picture is so cute!