Friday, July 31, 2009

We'll do 100....wait, what?!?

I'm a cardio girl. Give me a gym full of equipment, and I will spend a long workout alternating between the elliptical, StairMaster, bike, and even the dreaded Versaclimber. Then when I'm finished, I'll walk towards the weights, then keep right on walking into the locker room.

I'm bad at cross training. Which I know is bad for overall health. I have gotten very good at stretching due to my various running injuries, I do it before I even get out of bed in the morning. So my flexibility is great. What's not so great is my muscle tone, it's there, it's just hiding a bit.

I've tried getting into the yoga craze. I spend the time cursing at myself, or I start to think of all the other things I could be doing at that moment. Like having a snack. Yoga and Pilates is hard. When it's time to work the core, I flash back to junior high, when my friend Jen and I would do a Calanetics video (precursor to pilates). We had to do the "100" and our reaction to that exercise is forever burned into my brain. Not good.

I get motivated to train when a new season of the Biggest Loser starts up, I'll check out the Exercise On Demand channel to see what's new. I look at my folder of magazine articles that I ripped out, showcasing new toning exercises. I dig out the arm weights. This lasts for about a week.
I just love the feeling of working hard and sweating so much you have to take your shirt off (only in the privacy of my basement). I love logging my miles on the calendar, to see my progress. But I guess my attempts at strength training, however few, still pays off. I can lift a 5 year old in one arm, and an almost 3 year old in the other. So I must be doing something right.


Tara said...

I hate strength training. I'm not sure why, but I do. I also have to force myself to do sit ups, even though I know having a strong core is essential to running. Good for you for working all those machines at the gym! It's so hard for me to work out inside, I wish that I was as motivated as you.

natalee said...

Please help me be motivated to strength train..just crazy how much I hate it!!! I was cracking up about holding the true..natalee

Jennifer said...

And that voice who said "we will do 100." Etched indeed in my brain. We were so ahead of the curve!

tanya said...

Oooh, baby, you're great. I too love to train though my thing is running (just ran a half marathon in July and I'm training for a full marathon in Oct )and a gym workout. I do my sit ups in the morning and lift a 30 pound toddler and 20 plus pound baby around daily so my arms get a good workout- lol
Happy strength training to you.

Sheila P said...

I'm the opposite...I would rather strength train than cardio...any day!