Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Distraction Day

It's summer, but it's been on the cool side. Mike took today off, he truly needed a mental health day due to all the lousy news we've been hearing regarding D's health. I tried to think of some things to do to take his mind off things, and we ended up having a pretty good day.
After we picked up Luke from summer camp, we headed over to Clarke's for lunch. It's a small roadside restaurant, which used to only be open in the summer. You would order your food from the window and eat in your car or sit at the one outside picnic tables. But they've expanded a bit, the menu is larger and it's now open year round. We always get the same thing, cheeseburgers, hot crispy fries, and a chicken sandwhich for Eliza. It's not a place to go if you're dieting, today I ate more fries than the kids. (Biggest Loser diet? what Biggest Loser diet?)

Then we went further down the road to Hencle's, where you can pick your own berries. We picked 8 pounds of raspberries, not including the berries Eliza housed as she walked up and down the rows. We have a bunch in the fridge, the rest I'm freezing for winter smoothies. It was really meditative picking the berries, the sun was shining, but the breeze kept us cool.

I'm now getting ready to feed the kids, but I think it's time for another distraction...cocktail hour on the deck.

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