Monday, July 20, 2009

Did I forget how to sleep?

Last night I had a really hard time sleeping. For the past couple of weeks I've been waking at around three a.m., I toss and turn for about an hour, then fall back asleep. This happens pretty often, I've been a bad sleeper since I was a kid. But I went to bed last night around 11:30, exhausted, only to be wide awake at two, with my mind just going and going. I didn't want to bug Mike, so I came downstairs and watched mindless television for a couple of hours (Little House on the Prairie, as well as Kendra and Denise Richards reality shows). You would think that would get me sleepy, but no, I actually made a snack of peanut butter toast. Which was not the smartest thing because I think it gave me energy! So I wandered around the house, checked facebook, blogs, email. Then went in to Luke's room to watch him sleep. Made it back into bed around 5:15, but with Mike's snoring, I didn't drop off to sleep until the sun was up. I was up a short time later with Mike's alarm clock.

I'm tired today, but I've done more with less sleep, and it's sunny which helps. It was actually nice last night, to have the downstairs to myself with everyone else tucked away. I even took a picture of the usually bustling kitchen, it felt like it was sleeping too.


Jennifer said...

Try warm milk. Take a bath before bedtime. Turn out the lights a half hour before you try to sleep. JUST KIDDING. I get those suggestions (and more) ALL the time. Nothing works. But what does work for me? AMBIEN!

Midnite Skys said...

Wow i thought I was the only one that forgot how to sleep! My problem is falling asleep then staying asleep......... LOL but work doesn't help with working til 10 PM and having to go in at 7 AM next morning I don't know when to sleep. I am off to day and I didn't fall asleep til after 3AM and woke up at 10Am oh well I have laundry to do