Monday, December 17, 2012

May they be at peace.

My heart is heavy, and my stomach is in knots over what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary.

I cry for those little souls, for the unbearable grief those parents are enduring, for the heroic teachers and staff, and for their community. 

Mike and I decided to talk about what happened with Eliza who is six, and Luke, who is eight.  We knew they would hear about it at school, and we wanted to be the ones to explain it.  We chose our words carefully, but I was completely taken aback when Eliza said, "if that happens at school, we have to do a Lock Down." 

So matter of fact, but I don't think she really gets what a Lock Down drill really means.

Luke was okay, but that night at bedtime he got upset, because his school is one of his favorite places to be.   I showed him the email from his school district, detailing the extra safety steps they are taking, and told him that his teachers will keep him safe.

Then I hugged and kissed him, extra hard.

My thoughts and prayers are with those little angels and their families.


giraffy said...

The SNL opening was beautiful.

Ali Mc said...

That was really nice. I love that song. I'm super sad with what happened. I really can't imagine losing Logan :(

Ara said...

That opening from SNL was beautiful. It made me cry. My heart breaks for the children who had to experience this and my heart breaks for their families. My heart also just breaks for all the other kids out there who now have to worry about if this is going to happen at their school. School is supposed to be a safe place to go, and now I feel like it's not.