Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Colorful Christmas

I grew up in a house that sat on a corner, surrounded by a white picket fence.  Seriously.  Every Christmas we would string a line of white lights along it's entire length, that you could see as soon as you turned onto our street. It was so Christmasey, so pretty.

I'm not big on decorating, but I wish I were, especially at Christmas.  The front of our house is fairly plain, we have no columns around the door, no front porch or railings.  We don't have any trees on the lawn to string lights on, and our bushes are a mish-mash of various sizes.  So for a craftily challenged person like myself, I feel limited.

I think white lights look so nice against the snow, but Mike isn't a fan.  When we were first married, he  let me have a tree decorated in silver and white glass balls and white lights.  That lasted exactly one year, it's been multicolored lights ever since.

But I don't mind, as long as we have one huge tree,

and one baby tree.

Luke switched out his normal glasses for the spy goggle variety.

Mike scored a bunch of little trees that light up, which, if we ever get snow, will no longer be seen. 

 Plus, Frank won't cross through them to come in the house.  Maybe he thinks it's a wall of fire.

Who needs an Elf on the Shelf when Harold the Elf (circa 1972) 
has kept the peace the past few years.

I think the festive season has officially started. 



Christi said...

Great looking trees! I really need to get mine up.

ajh said...

I"m an all blue lights Christmas tree person.

Johann said...

Awesome! I wish I could have a white Christmas one year.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love the decorations

misszippy said...

Love the vintage elf! And so funny about Frank and the lights. You wonder what goes through those heads!

I'm so not into decorating, but wish I was for the kids' sake. Our tree is up but yet to have lights, etc. This weekend!

Suz and Allan said...

Both of your trees are really cute. That's funny about Frank and the lights. Of our two labs mine is not a fan of the tree and he makes a wide circle around it.

Caratunk Girl said...

Looks great!! I don't decorate!! But I like it when people do!

Teamarcia said...

Your decor and trees look great! We've got multi-color madness going on here this year. The kiddos love it. I love Frank and his 'wall of fire' ha!

Anonymous said...

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Michelle said...

Awww poor Frank! :)

I love decorating for Christmas - getting our tree this weekend!

Lois B said...

I love your trees. In my mind, I picture lot of trees in our home, but we've never managed more than one.

PrItAm said...

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