Friday, October 21, 2011

It's All Good

Last week Mike and I were talking about what we want to do for my Big Birthday in January, and we agreed that it would be great to take the kids to Disney.  He got the ball rolling by calling the travel agent, and that was that.

Until the weekend, which was cold, rainy and miserable.  We still had Luke's soccer game though, my Mom was up for a visit and she was a good sport about the weather:

Once we got home, Mike turned on the furnace, to make sure everything was okay with it for this winter.

Yup, it didn't turn on.

Four days and $3,100 later, we have a new furnace.

Isn't it pretty?

So much for Disney. But I'd rather have heat.

I did get some good news this week though, after my last PT session, Michelle said I'm good to go for the marathon!  I made an appointment for next week, just in case, that she said I could cancel if I need to, but she thinks I'll be okay.  I just have to be smart, keep doing what I'm doing.  I ran hills twice this week with Frank, and he kept me at an easy 9:20 pace.  I ran 10 miles on the treadmill over the weekend, and I seriously had to force myself to stop.  I was so amped up, I know I could have done another 10, at least.

So now I'm in taper mode, which is weird, because for the past couple of weeks I've been in a shorter run mode, and my longest run maxed out at 18.  I don't feel like I'm truly tapering, because I'm biking and doing other things.  I'm almost afraid to truly taper, I want to keep the endurance up, but I still have to take care of Pez.

I'm also focusing more on my diet, I eat pretty well overall, but I'm making sure I get these staples in, every single day.  Breakfast has been oatmeal mixed with almonds, dried cherries, cinnamon, and a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips (dark chocolate is very good for you).  If I'm really hungry, I scramble an egg and have it on a slice of toast.  I'm not a fan of bananas, but I make myself eat them anyway, they usually end up in a smoothie, along with a cup of either blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries.

When I was out shopping yesterday, everyone seemed to be sniffling or coughing, so Amazing Grass is going to be in my diet for the next two weeks.  Lunch and dinner is usually some kind of meat, along with veggies, or pasta.  We roasted two huge butternut squashes the other night, along with shallots and rosemary, there was hardly any left.  I love roasting veggies.

And, um, I've had a chocolate chip cookie or two every day this week.  I blame my sister in law, she came over the other day with some killer cookies she made, we knocked those off, and I had to make some of my  own.

Why is it that raw cookie dough is sometimes better than the cookie?

16 Days!


Michelle said...

Great news from your PT! You've been doing all the right things so I'm glad the Pez is behaving!

Sorry about your Disney trip - our furnace is way old....I'll be crossing my fingers when we turn it on this weekend.

Anonymous said...

That stinks about your furnace. But it's very good you figured it out before you needed it! Hubby deserves some brownie points for that :) Disney will be there when your ready for it!

I'm glad your PT gave you some good news. I wouldn't worry about losing any fitness in the taper. Keep your head in the game and you'll show up itching to run just like you are now. Keep doing what your doing girl!

And butternut squash with rosemary and shallots are The Bomb. I sent my husband to the store to get a butternut squash the other day and he came back with acorn. lol...he tried. I'm sure they'll be good too.

Christi said...

That is awesome news from the PT! I am so happy for ya!

abbi said...

It is so much fun when big $$$ goes to fun things like furnaces! Happy to hear you are cleared for the marathong!

Jill said...

So good to hear the PT gave you the thumbs up for the marathon - yay!!

Crap, that's no fair about the furnace, but as you said...heat is a good thing in winter in your neck of the woods. Disney will happen later :).

Tortuga_Runner said...

Great news from PT! Sucks about the furnace. My hubby says our A/C is ready to die any minute. good job refocusing on the diet...I'm almost ready to face that challenge.

SupermomE13 said...

Oh man! Sorry about the furnace and Disney. :(
Awesome news from the PT though. YAY for NYC! :)

ajh said...

I'm the witch of the house that lets no one eat raw cookie dough. One of the things I am paranoid about. I know I'm strange.

Pretty new furnace for sure.

Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

New furnace for us last year. New Roof this month. Cruise Ship this winter. Finally, yeah!

fancy nancy said...

Ugh that stinks!! Good thing the hubs tried it out first though! Great news from PT!!! You are good to go!!

*~*~* Tracy said...

I'm sorry you had to trade Disney for a furnace. Next year, right? There's always next year.

I'm glad the PT had good news for you, and I can't wait to read about NYC!!

Anne said...

So happy that you don't need to see the PT anymore :) Yay!!! You are so going to rock NYC!

Sorry about the furnace and no more Disney...but, I guess heat is pretty important :)

Caratunk Girl said...

Great news on your PT!!

WE had to buy a new furnace as well. BOO. But heat is nice.

Love Amazing Grass. What is your favorite way to mix it?

I LOVE raw cookie dough. It is way better than the cookie!

RunToTheFinish said...

UGH i so hate big house expenses like that...I mean a room make over YEAH...repairs BOOOO

amazing grass is just not my thing..ick. I am using green powders as like a shot with water, so my hats off to you for drinking it daily!!

I am working on the sugar BIG time this week and I just read something that really hit me between the eyes... do I want to choose sugar over reducing inflammation? do i want to choose sugar over a body that I feel proud of? uhh no :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You could put Mickey Mouse ears on the new furnance?!?!


Sorry, that does suck though

Lisa said...

16 days left
Big birhtday
Mom's visit
Your oatmeal mix-ins (yum)
Chocolate chip cookies!

New furnace
No Disney
Cold/rainy weather

The :) outnumber the :(! That's another :)

Mike of said...

Wait a minute.

That's a shiny furnace.

But you can still goes to Disney.

Life is short.
Put it on a credit card :-)

Black Knight said...

Great news from your PT.
I hope that you will find the way to go to Disneyland: best wishes!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Yay! Great news from the PT, not the furnace!

It's only 16 day?! Well sooner now! So pumped for you!

Must try that Amazing Grass!

Fruit Fly said...

What a total bummer about your vacation --- but I think I'm with you. Heat might actually be a bit more important!

Fabulous to hear you got marathon approval!