Sunday, October 9, 2011

Could corn chips be the answer?

I went for a run yesterday morning with my girls, Jeannine and Norine.  It was 45 degrees when we headed out for 10 miles around my neighborhood.  The weather has been beautiful, warm in the afternoons, and the leaves are changing and falling so quickly. 

I wasn't sure how Pez would hold up, I had 12 miles on my plan, but I thought I would err on the side of caution.  I wore my compression socks, and the run was great, although my feet hurt towards the end.  I'm going to have to make the switch to socks and sleeves, but for now, the full compression is doing the trick. 

I've been thinking and reading more about my fuel for the 26.2, and how to get more salt into my system without causing any issues.  I have to remember that odds are, we won't have a 90 degree, humid day, but you never know.  The only thing I brought with me for yesterdays run was a gel, I had my fuel belt ready to go, but didn't feel like bringing it along.  J & N said we could just hit water fountains when we needed water, which made sense to me.  

I had my gel at the 5 mile mark, and instead of sucking it all down at once like I usually do, I took a little bit of it at a time.  Then I had a some water from the fountain when we reached the park.  Because of the cooler temps, I'm guessing I had three ounces of water, total for the 10 miles.  

I have 20 miles to do next weekend, if Michelle from PT will let me, and for that run, my plan is to keep using GU, drink water only when I'm thirsty, and have something salty after eating a GU.  At first I thought saltines or goldfish crackers would work, but Mike brought home some corn chips the other day, and I had a couple. Those things are so freaking salty, they'll be a perfect fit for the salt I need during a long run. 

I've started each paragraph of this post with the letter "I" so why stop now. 

I wanted to take advantage of the warm temps, and take the kids pumpkin picking.  I don't know what this farm put into their fields, but every pumpkin we came across was HUGE, and perfect. They were a bargain at $2 a pop, so we ended up with seven. 

Frank enjoyed knocking them over. 

27 Days.


Lisa said...

What a fun post - love the Frank terrozing the pumpkins photo - with your daughter 'peakin' out from behind - cute!!!!

Black Knight said...

Nice pics, many smiles and a young lady half hidden.
I like this post, I tried to get an answer to my thoughts about the fuel during the long runs. My experience are:
- long distance runs: only water from the fountains;
- marathon: water until the 35th km and after gatorade and little slices of banana. In the latest 2 km Enervitene (I don't know if you know this product).

Teamarcia said...

Glad the pez is cooperating! My hands swell up regularly on runs and I've never made anything of it until recently. Guess my electrolytes are off? Wouldn't corn chips be fatty??

Love the pumpkins! I'd get maybe 2 mediocre size ones for the price of all 7 of yours here. Boo.

bobbi said...

Love the pumpkin pictures!

I used to get swolled hands during long runs, but started taking salt. As in a little restaurant packet of salt. It really hels me...

A Prelude To... said...

Mmmm...salt! My favorite thing ever at a long mud run that I did were the Ruffles they had at the aid station! careful. My dad inhaled his first one and choked and had a rough time for the next mile or two.

misszippy said...

Those are truly bargain pumpkins! Wow.

You can also load up on salt leading up to long runs/races. I always do this. You'll figure it all out. And hopefully NY will be nice and cool so you don't need to worry too much about salt.

Anonymous said...

I was going to leave this on last post, but since your still talking about it.....

Yes, I do salt tablets. I do the ones from Hammer (endurolytes) and I do two every hour if it's going to be hot and I'm going to be out there for a while. If you do them. You will need to try them out beforehand. They are easy to take. Go to your bike/running shop. They should have smaller packets with 4 tablets so you don't have to comitt to a whole bottle. It seems salt tablets would be a whole lot easier to deal with when your thinking about gear....tortilla chips sound good, but they will be harder to eat/carry? Just a thought.

Arm warmers - go to target and get a pair of knee high socks. Cut the toes off and woalah. Instant arm warmers that costed 2.99 and you can toss them at any point of the race and not feel guitly. This is what I do for ALL my races. It works like a charm. And while your there, buy some of those cheap gloves. I think they have 2/1.00 right now.

Gear - gatorade is difficult for me. I would bring my own cocktail to the party. It sounds like you have a plan now though. I wouldn't mess around with this one this late in the game. I don't know about the Ipod. It's NYC marathon.......will you need it?

Pam @ said...

Corn chips are ALWAYS the answer.

Jill said...

I was writing my blog post last night and I looked and said, "I" on every paragraph and had to change one up so I didn't look so conceded or something. Haha.

Glad you had a good run, and I agree that salt consumption can really cause you not to fade, if you take it properly. Have you ever tried salt tablets? I use S!caps, they work very well for me.

$2 for those big pumpkins? Awesome!!! Love pumpkins!

Johann said...

Sounds like your running is going well. I sometimes use saltabs on the long runs in summer. I always have to take some salt to balance the gel sweetness. Love the pumpkins!

Tara said...

Oh I am a salt'o'olic. Seriously love salty things. I am a very salty sweater too, so on long runs, I take in salt tabs or electrolyte tabs.

Love the pumpkins girl. :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am no help on the salt

I love pumpkins though, mmmmm pumpkin pie!!!

Liz Mays said...

I can't believe what a deal you got. $2 a pumpkin? Wow!

Good luck with your 20 mile run next weekend!

Suz and Allan said...

At $2 per pumpkin I might have not been able to stop at just 7!

Looks like Frank is going to have a great time with the pumpkins!