Monday, June 13, 2011

So here's where I am

Don't you love it when you write a whole post, and are about to hit Publish, then the whole thing disappears on you?  I sure do.

This weekend I thought of my training, or my lack thereof. 

My 15k is in four weeks.  I'm hoping my orthotics are ready by Thursday, this lack of running is making me ner-vous. 

My Sprint Tri is in eight weeks.  I picked up my bike Friday, and it feels great, all cleaned up, the seat is in the right position (the side of my knee has been bugging me, and I think my seat height was the culprit) and the tires are sleeker than they were.  I already feel faster.

The swimming, however, it's happening as much as I want it to.  The pool was closed for the second weekend in a row, due to a filter malfunction.  I've been hearing more details about the lake where the Tri is going to be held, apparently it's very shallow, but the swim itself goes by fast because you have to run a bit to reach deeper water.  What I'm not so stoked about, are the razor mussels that live in that lake, a friend of mine cut her feet up pretty good when she raced last year.  So I've got to look for some kind of water shoe to deal with those suckers.

My strength work is going well, I don't belong to a gym, so my living room is my gym.  As is my kitchen counter, can you see the air between the counter and my body?  This is a great move for your core, and arms.  Speaking of my core, I'm made friends with Planks, only because I'm seeing progress, I can hold for 60 seconds now, instead of 30, and I can do 5 sets now, instead of, um, one.

Today is Weigh In Monday, I'm exactly where I thought I was.  The weekend was a test, mainly because Mike brought home bread from Pastabilities, one black pepper loaf, and one made of bleu cheese and onion.  Thanks Mike.  But he also brought home some lovely fresh strawberries:

This week my goal is to eat really clean, no stealing chips from Mike's snack, or taking a bite of his cookie.  Mike is one of those types who loses 10 pounds in a week when he gets a cold, then keeps it off, even though he snacks.  So when he breaks out the Lays bag, I'm going to look the other way. 

What is your goal for the week????  What do you find distracting when trying to eat right??

Tomorrow I'll post another giveaway, Thank You for the donations I received last week to The Children's Tumor Foundation!!!!! 

The winner of the RoadID (I used to pick the winner) was number 13, Mandy from Caratunk Girl!!



Christi said...

I hate when Blogger acts up!

I love your workout space in the Kitchen. That will work well for the triceps!

Michelle said...

My goal this week is to layoff the sweets - chocolate is my downfall! Going to try to substitute fruit instead.

Have a great week!

misszippy said...

Why are pools always so finnicky? Drives me crazy.

Those strawberries look great. I'm hitting the farmer's market this week.

Lisa said...

Your kitchen counter exercise is a 2-for . . . you can work out and plan your dinner at the same time :) You're a lot of fun - love your posts!!!!

My husband gets in the way of my eating right. Can I vent for a quick second? Kind of like confession. He doesn't plan - he would eat hamburgers every night if I weren't married to him - he eats only once a day and thinks it's annoying I eat more often than that - he just doesn't seem to grasp the concept (no matter how many times I say it) that I do not wish to eat white or even multi-grain bread EVER!!! - he continues to buy multigrain even though I've taught him that it's not the same as whole grain I swear - uggggg! Okay, thanks I feel better.

I made some posts yesterday, today, and tomorrow about planing, grocery shopping and eating smarter so . . . I REALLY want to do this next round of the contest. I will weight myself today and comment again tonight. When does the contest end? I'm in - and I think I can REALLY do good this time so hopefully you don't have to vote me off the island this time!

bobbi said...

I am also trying to eat really clean this week, but more to keep my stomach in check than to lose weight (although that'd be a nice bonus!)

bobbi said...

Oooo, I just saw the post below this one, and that the weight loss challenge is on! My goal for the week is the same as I wrote above, but I'm going to be reasonable about this week - I have no way of knowing how my body will react to running a marathon Saturday come Monday. I often bloat up afterwards, but I'm hoping with clean eating prior to the race and smart fueling during the race, I can hold that down.

SupermomE13 said...

Those strawberries look AWESOME! and it is SO NOT FAIR that guys lose weight and keep it off so easily. I count calories and am so careful and my husband just eats all day and as long as he exercises some his weight stays down no problem. No fair! :)

I hope you get your orthotics and are running again soon!

Katie H said...

Awesome strength move! I am so excited for your sprint tri-one of these days I need to partake in one. The open water doesn't scare me but my swimming is subpar. We'll see!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I'm glad you did well for the weekend because I totally fell flat! Canoe camping with the Boy Scouts just leads to snacky foods. Goal for this week is to eat so well I forget all the Orea Cakesters I ate this weekend.

Johann said...

Blogger is full of crap sometimes. I use my living and other rooms as my gym too. I've never trained in a gym. I think gym is germ breeding ground galore. My goal for the week: run 6 days including some trail.

H Love said...

Hoping you get your run on soon!

Amy said...

Mmmm, those strawberries look delicous! Have fun with your tuned-up bike and good luck getting some running and swimming in too!

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to do this annonymously??? Hmm, well, for now, I'm so giddy after just having weighed myself (after eating breakfast and lunch and drinking 2 bottles of water) that I had to report in on my initial weight for your round 2 (which I made another button on my blog for). My initial weight was 247.2 which is 2.5 pounds less than we your last round ended - woot!!! I've got this!!!!!! No voting me off the island this round!!!!! Thanks for letting me be annonymous this time!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I agree, a bad bike fit can make your knees hurt.

As for the swim part, I suggest go out till its knee deep and swim, dont want to waste valuable leg energy going till your waist deep in the water. As for the water shoes, email the RD to make sure they are allowed, you dont want a DQ if they wont allow them.

I really need to get my nutrition under control. I almost gained the weight back from the last contest you held. I need a nice kick in the rear right now, everything feels so flat right now, eating, training, attitude.

Raquelita said...

Yikes! I hope you can find some water shoes so you don't get shredded feet!

Those strawberries look fantastic. On my list of goals for the week: snack on fruits/vegetables instead of cheese/crackers/chips and finish up a stage of a writing project.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Ack! so sorry your post deleted. :( Blogger has some kinks of late.

Men have it easy for dieting, seems like they blink and shed 5 lbs.

I have my starting WW weight and am ready to report twinsie. Operation Tan & Skinny this summer. ;)

ajh said...

Those strawberries look fantastic. Everything distracts me from eating right lately.

I hate losing a post!

Caratunk Girl said...

OH YAY!! I won!! I SO need a new Road ID too!!

I hate when you write a post and it disappears!! Makes me want to scream

I love strawberries!

Teamarcia said...

Yay Mandy!
Nice work on the planks!
My goal for the week is to prep for two birthday parties this weekend and pull them off without losing my mind.

Pam @ said...

Do me a favor. Go slap Mike. I hate people like that. lol My husband is the same way. I think I'll go slap him too...

Bleu cheese and onion? I'm intrigued.

Erika said...

Me starting my monday morning with a weigh in was not a great start to my morning...
nor when I showed up to work and a co-worker made my most favorite cookies...and my day was so crazy and stressful, I ate 4. Hell.
I'm not sure about posting my weight on the internet, but maybe it would make me feel more accountable?? Yikes.
Starting weight. 147.8
I have some serious work to do to fit in my bridesmaid dress.
My goals this week. Eat one cookie instead of 4. Eat consistantly...not skipping meals.
Workout at least 5 times.
happy monday!

Laura said...

I am challenging myself to try to get 10 pounds off. Since I have started CrossFit I have noticed so many changes in my body but not weight. I know that the main culprit is food! My starting weight is 173. Can't wait for the challenge/motivation from doing this with other people!

In response to your comment on my blog, yes the Dukan Diet it the "Cate" diet, but I didn't know that when I started reading the book :)

kristen said...

Hey! Just posted about my weight loss goals on my blog.

A pound a week and uping the intake of fiber, fruit and veggies.

Hopefully the orthodics are here SOON.

ATTrio said...

I am running a marathon on Sat with my sisters so my goal is to get it done!

I am running NYC this year too! Woohoo!

fancy nancy said...

My goal this week is not eating after dinner! For the challenge I weighed myself today and it is challenge for me this time around is to get down to we go!

Unknown said...

Yay for Mandy! :)

Oh my... I always get so annoyed when Tom loses weight eating everything in site and I look at food and gain. Good for you for setting goals for the week.

You are doing awesome!

Mark said...

Mandy wins everything. I never win..... B-O-O H-O-O

So psyched you are going to get out there and tri soon!

Oh, a few razor mussels never killed anyone. I have cut up my hands and feet though. Be careful. Perhaps I will see you there? Musselman?

Susan Fobes said...

Planks hurt... We have a Y membership and I promised my daughter that we would work out together over the summer-I've got to keep that promise...
BTW-you look in great shape! Keep up the counter moves.

Tortuga_Runner said...

I am totally on board with the challenge. I am doing better with my workouts and my calorie counting is going great and I had a great week of weight loss. Challenges this week: no sitter so no guarantee that I will get in all my workouts. Thank you for having this challenge, I love your blog, I love the triceps idea (fun) and I really feel like this will help motivate me over the next 5 weeks. My goal was 5 lbs, but I only have 4 to go, so my goal is now 4 lbs, but no harm no foul if I am awesome enough to lose more weight, then woo hoo.