Friday, June 3, 2011

Do You Know What This Is?

Do you know what these are?

They are molds of my feet. I had inserts made seven years ago, and for some reason the Doctor gave them to me and I kept them.  I had new ones made yesterday at my new podiatrist, for my running shoe inserts.  Still no running until I get three weeks.

Do you know what this is?

What's left of our patio umbrella.  We brought it onto the deck when Mike was grilling in the rain.  We had a very windy day Wednesday, and the wind blew it up, and smashed it into the deck railing. Crunch.

Have you seen this book?

It's hilarious.  Mike read about it online, and my friends are all talking about it.  It's a book for adults, made to look like a children's book of poems, but the point of the poems is that the child won't go the F&#$ to bed.  If you have kids, you'll love it.

Do you know what this is?

It's a website called Breadfish that my teen aged nephew showed me.  You click on it, and all it is are a bunch of fish swimming to a song called Breadfish.  At first I thought it was stupid, but now I turn it on and the kids and I sing along with it.

I know you know what this is:

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my blog on Circle of Mom's! I made the cut, and I'm part of the great group of Mom Bloggers on the Top 25 list!

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A Prelude To... said...

Awww...what cute foot molds you have :-)

I love the looks of THAT BOOK!!!

Christi said...

I have got to see that book!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Breadfish?!?! Now I am interested

Andrew Opala said...

Awesome on your placing in the contest!

Here's a site you might find interesting ... works well when you are feeling silly. ZOMBO.COM

Liz Mays said...

So happy that you made the cut! Very cool that you get shoes specifically tailored to your feet. I'm checking out the breadfish thing next!

Michelle said...

Glad you made the Top 25! I read that book online - it is very funny!

Lisa said...

That book sounds hilarious! LOVE the title.

I'm soooo bummed for you and your feet and the agony you must feel for having to sit out 3 more weeks!!! I seriously hope the new inserts work for you and that they will be worth this little break in the action for you!!!!! Hang in there - I definitely know the "pain" (both in the foot and in the butt that foot pain causes!! )

Dude - sorry about your umbrella! Yikes!

Hope you have a great weekend!

ajh said...

i've seen that book on line a lot but not in real life. Looks great.

Anne said...

Glad you made the cut and pleased to have done my part :)

I liked the introduction to all these new things...I have a feeling I'd love that book!

Teamarcia said...

My kids love Breadfish!
I think I'd love the book as well!
Congrats on COM: very much deserved IMO.
Have a fun weekend!

Caratunk Girl said...

Going to breadfish now.

That book is hilarious! Well, it sounds it anyway!

Black Knight said...

I only knew the stuff for the umbrella.
Congrats on the top 25.
Have a good sunday.

Unknown said...

I love that you have your foot molds! :) Totally something I would have kept!

And where can we read that book online???

The Green Girl said...

I have my foot molds, too!