Friday, June 10, 2011

Round two! (and 5 for Friday)

It looks like Weight Loss Challenge, Part Two is on!

Ready for the details?

This time around, we'll weigh in on Monday's.  So that means you have to be especially good on the weekends, which for me, is where I struggle.

Start date is this Monday, June 13th. 

End date: Monday July 18th. 

My personal goal?  A five pound weight loss in those five weeks.  That will get me to my ideal race weight.

Your goal? It sounds like those of you who are interested are looking to lose about the same amount of poundage.

The benefit of this challenge? Support!

Each week at check in, I will post what I had success with, and/or struggled with, as well as my plan for the following week.    I'll look to the comments to see how you did that week, and if there is something that you tell me that might be helpful to others in the challenge, I'll post that info the following week.

If you're in, then make sure to comment on Monday's post!

Now, my Five for Friday:

1. My bike is ready, so I'm heading out to pick it up this afternoon. I was talking to my sis-in law/running partner Jeannine the other night, and we were talking about going for a ride together sometime soon.  It's so funny to talk about riding instead of running. 

2. I have a new favorite afternoon snack, it's a handful of almonds, dried cherries, and semi-sweet mini chocolate chips.  It's a crunchy/chewy/sweet combo that is delish.

3. I had a Stella & Dot jewelry party last week at my house, it was so nice to have a night off during the week, with just the girls.  I made my Mom's champagne punch (2 bottles of champagne, a 2 liter of 7-up, and a tub of rainbow sherbet), there was a moment when it started to look like a science experiment, and I thought it was going to completely fizz over onto the table, but I scooped some of the sherbet out, and it was all good.  

4. I haven't posted about Frank in a while, this is where I find him every night about 15 minutes after I put the kids to bed.  He constantly tries to sneak upstairs to sleep in their beds with them. 

5.  I have a RoadID giveaway going on, so if you haven't see that yet, check it out here!

Happy Weekend!


giraffy said...

Oh man.... Monday weigh in's, this IS a challenge :D

misszippy said...

I love Frank!

You are so good with your weight-loss challenges. I would love to join you, believe me, but I am unable to burn much right now due to such drastically reduced capabilities from my feet. Sigh. I am so on top of my eating right now though!

Tricia said...

good luck with your challeng, have a great weekend!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Im in!! I am reading Racing Weight and want to lose some lbs so I don't have to work so dang hard.

Love Frank!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Mondays, got it

Its amazing how keen animals are to our schedules, they know what is going to happen when and they dont even know what clocks are.

Michelle said...

I'm definitely in this time - need the extra accountability on these last few pounds that won't go away!

Love that pic of Frank - my dog does the same thing.

Michelle said...

Too cute on Frank! Mine sniff under BW's door in the morning to wake him up.

Raquelita said...

I would love to join you this time for the challenge, but I'll be traveling for about half of the challenge. I'm just hoping to maintain while I'm on the road.

RunToTheFinish said...

saturdays are my cheat day which means I don't see my weight loss til about mondays would be no good

you rocked it last time, I know you will this time

Erika said...

monday weigh in,,,yikes!! see you then!

Carrie @ Confessions of a Dietitian said...

I clicked over from Ms. Blonde Ponytail and am in! I've been losing for a few months, but have been a little lax and thus stuck. I had planned to do a serious food journal along with a fitness bootcamp I recently signed up for (eek!) for a month to see what kind of results I could get. Now I'm glad to hopefully make some new friends and have support from others doing the same : )

Of course, I'm going to the beach for a long weekend, so I'm not starting out strong!

Tortuga_Runner said...

count me in, I'll comment Monday too. Five would be great, it'll put me about 3 pounds shy of my ideal race weight, but I start marathon training Monday so hopefully my gradual increase in mileage with help with a gradual decrease in weight too. Good luck to you, you always seem so disciplined that the 5 pounds will be a piece of (flourless, organic, gluten free, sugar free, heart healthy substitutes) cake.

Black Knight said...

Good luck with your challenge.
Frank is too nice!!!! I would like to have a dog but my house is full of cats (3)!
Have a good week end.

kristen said...

I ate about 30 oreo cookies and had half a loaf of rosemary olive oil bread (with butter!) yesterday so of course weigh in is monday. Eff. I think 5 pounds is a healthy expectation too. Although I'm carrying around about 3 or 4 extra glutton pounds so I might loose closer to 7. Game on :)

Suzy said...

It sounds like a great challenge for you. I'm not participating, but I am working on loosing a few pounds. I hope that your bike pickup leads to a nice bike ride soon!

Amy said...

Good luck with your challenge! I missed your giveaway by being an absentee blogger, so I'm going to check it out now!

Anonymous said...

Frank is awesome. Good luck with your challenge.

The Green Girl said...

Ooh, good luck, girl! Lose those pounds!

Jill said...

Good luck with the 5, I KNOW you can do it. Be strong!!!!

I find it really ODD to talk about biking instead of running, too. I still prefer the running!!!