Monday, June 20, 2011

Family + Food + Weekend = sucky Monday weigh in

So I was really looking forward to date night, for the usual reasons.  But after my action packed Friday, I was reeeeealy looking forward to date night.

I was zipping around Friday afternoon, hitting up a few stores, getting my errands done.  I had two hours to shop before Luke came home from school.  There was a sale on lobsters at one store, Mike wanted to make lobster rolls for dinner, and to have for his Mom and Dad to have for dinner on Saturday, since they were going to watch the kids.  I bought $50 worth of lobsters, put them in the Jeep, and walked over to Petsmart to buy dog food.  We looked at the animals, and dog toys, then went to the food aisle.  There was a display of coupons next to the food, so I grabbed one, then hauled the 34 pound bag of food into the cart.  We go through check out, back the the Jeep, and look for my keys in my purse. I look under the Jeep. I look in the cart. Dump out my purse. No keys.  It's a warm afternoon, the windows of the Jeep are closed, the lobsters are inside. 

I re-trace my steps, ask the Customer Service people at the stores if they found any keys.  I call Mike, Eliza and I sit in the parking lot next to the dog food, I braid her hair, and worry that we're not going to get home in time for Luke.  Mike arrives with the spare keys, picks up E and the lobsters, and I re-trace my steps, for the third time.  Give my number to the stores I was in, and head home.  Very bummed because I have a Coach keychain on my set, with a picture of each of the kids when they were babies, which has huge sentimental value.

Petsmart calls a couple hours later, they found my keys on a shelf above the dog food.  I put them there when was grabbing that coupon for free Beggin' Strips.  Whew.

I go outside to tell Mike about the keys, Luke is horsing around with Frank the dog, and the next thing we know Luke trips over Frank, and goes face first into the side of the house.  Blood starts coming out of his mouth, he already lost one tooth from a fall several years ago, so we fear the worst.  Blood stops after a bit, and all is well.

I  feed the kids, get them cleaned up and ready for bed.  They go outside on the deck to talk to Mike for a bit, and I start folding laundry on the dining room table, and I can see them playing through the window.  All of a sudden, Eliza starts shrieking, and slapping at her face and legs, I run out and grab her, she was being stung by bees.  Poor kid, she was stung on her eye, her finger, and her leg.  

We sat her down with ice packs, and I called the Doctor, if you have a severe reaction, it will happen within 20 minutes of being stung, but it can take up to 2 hours.  She was stung once before and didn't have a reaction, but the Doc said that didn't mean that she wasn't allergic, this time we would know for sure.  We gave her some tylenol, but she couldn't go to bed until the 2 hour window had passed, so we put Tangled on for the fiftieth time.  After a while she settled down, and thankfully didn't have any issues.

Then Mike came in for my bottle of hairspray, he found a bees nest under the deck, right where E was standing, so he tried to fire bomb it. Luckily we already have the pest control people coming this week to spray the house......for bees.

By Saturday, I was more than ready for a Dirty Martini.

But first we had Luke's final soccer game.

Then Mike's Mom and Dad arrived to hang out with the kids, so we put on grown up clothes and headed down to Skaneateles.

I went with the blue dress, that choice won by a landslide.

Dinner was great, the restaurant is a part of a spa, so along with the usual steaks and fish, they have spa choices.  We started with a beet salad (healthy choice), tuna poke (healthy choice), and escargot on a bit of puff pastry (semi-healthy choice).  I chose the fish cooked "aqua pazzo" style, it was clams, shrimp and white fish poached with herbs, vegetables, olives and lemon (super duper healthy spa menu choice).  Mike went with the filet, with a side of fresh local oyster mushrooms (sooo good), and a side of frites (dangerously good).  Of course I sampled his meal, and ate more than my share of mushrooms, and um frites.

The next day we had Mike's family over for a Father's Day breakfast, which meant more food, bagles, danish and one of those breakfast casseroles made with eggs, cheese, bread and sausage. 

So I shouldn't have been surprised to see at weigh in this morning that I gained 2 pounds, that's how it goes after a weekend like that.  My activity level is still not where I want it to be, I took Frank for a long walk on Saturday, and I ran a bit (don't tell my podiatrist) with him to wear him out, my foot felt okay so that made me happy.  Still no orthotics though. : ( 

I hope everyone else had success this past week!   When eating out, are you super strict?  Or do you allow yourself to eat foods that you would consider a treat?

It's Monday, a new week, another chance to get back on track, Good Luck! : )


Teamarcia said...

whew glad you found your keys! What a scene. Sounds like a very busy weekend. Sorry about the bees.
I splurge more often than not when eating out....need to stop that...but then again I don't get out much either.

Teamarcia said...

whew glad you found your keys! What a scene. Sounds like a very busy weekend. Sorry about the bees.
I splurge more often than not when eating out....need to stop that...but then again I don't get out much either.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I wondered if you found your keys.

Poor Luke and Eliza, I am allergic to bee stings

I do not watch what I eat at a resturant, to me, its a treat and I should enjoy it.

bobbi said...

Poor you! Your Friday sounds so overwheming - I'm so glad they found your keys!

I am also up a pund. Boo. But my weekend was crazy too...moving forward, right?

Suzy said...

Wow you had highs and lows this weekend. I hope this week goes better! When I'm out I eat what I want, I just watch my portions.

A Prelude To... said...

Luke is TOO adorable!

What a day you had - holy moly!! Glad you had such a great date, though. Steve and I always seem to end up at a burger place for dress required. I don't even think I own a dress at this point. Hm....I think a shopping trip is due before my trip to San Diego.

Johann said...

That felt like a whole novel I just read! I'm not fond of restaurant food and very rarely eat out. I'm quite good and keep it pretty small and healthy. I will never go out during serious training. That means the eating out is limited to once or twice per year.

fancy nancy said... frustrated with my weight! Gained 1lb this week....not the direction I need it to go in!

Michelle said...

Holy smokes you had one crazy Friday!

There was too much wine and food this weekend - I must admit I didn't even face the scale this morning :( But, I'm determined to get back on the bandwagon this week!

Amy said...

As a vege/pescitarian living in a small town, I have to take what I can get at restaurants. I figure when veggie burgers and fries are my only choice it balances out with the times that salad is my only choice.

J said...

Glad you found your keys! Sounds like a pretty wild weekend! Hopefully this week will be a little better!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a crazy weekend! Don't sweat the weigh in though!

You look great in that picture! Glad you went with option one! :)

Lisa said...

I tried to post a comment earlier, but don't see it so . . maybe I screwed it up (was pretty rushed when I did it).

First, what a super hectic and crazy weekend you had!!!!! Girl, enough already - Calgone take you away!!!!!

Second, you and Mike look so cute together! You look like you had fun and the food sounds YUM-MY!

Third, Luke is a cutie with his trophy!!! Poor Eliza, hope she feels better. Bee stings hurt so much!

Lastly, I lost 2.4 pounds (my scale only measures in .2 incremendts). WOOT WOOT!!!! I sure hope I can keep it up.

Pam @ said...

Murphy's Law at its finest!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Twinsie you look gorgeous!!!!!! Next, Monday we are back on the saddle for WW!!

Luke is adorable!!

Tortuga_Runner said...

Beautiful date night picture. Wow, when it rains it poors, glad everything turned out ok for the lobsters, keys and kids. Crazy day! As for dinning out, I totally eat what I want, one day doesn't hurt anyone, and really a whole weekend either. Besides, beet salad is my favorite, and poke is super delicious. Oyster mushrooms, well they just speak for themselves. My mouth is watering, sounds like an amazing restaurant and date night. You'll be back on track in no time.

weight loss is going really well for me, but this coming weekend is my birthday so I am not sure I'll be fighting any food urges, because I'll be splurging. Have a great week. Thanks for all the motivation.

Unknown said...

What a day! Those are the kind I look back on and just shake my head that I even got through!

As far as eating out, Kel and I go out by ourselves so rarely, I will usually try to stay fairly healthy for my meal, but then we will split a dessert. It's hard, especially when you are at a place that has so many tempting choices. You gotta have a treat every now and then.

Michelle said...

Whew! What a day! Great date night picture!!

ajh said...

I am terrible eating out. Hairspray to get bees? Does it really work? You two look great in your date night picture.

Jill said...

Honey, you deserved 4 dirty martinis after that day!!

You guys look great and I'm glad date night worked out. Yeah, my weight's up too....just too much stress at home - bleh. Here's to a new week!! Yay!

Liz Mays said...

Sometimes I am super strict, and other times I relax. There's no way of knowing with me.

You'll drop that 2 in no time.

kristen said...

Your life is CRAZY! Sounds like dinner was good. I love that picture of you and Mike. You look so beautiful. Glad everybody survived the weekend.

I'm not even waying myself in this week. Don't want to know!

Caratunk Girl said...

It depends on my mood with eating out. I usually do pretty good, but if there is something that looks really awesome taht I would never make at home, I go for it.

That 2 will go away, no worries.

Thanks for the Road ID!! I ordered it!

Erika said...

I'm still thinking Monday's terrible day, but I was down .4 of a pound...not even enough to make it a half pound:/
I have new motivation though because my bridesmaids dress is in and it's a little snug...