Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Five for Friday

1. I went to a new dentist this week for a cleaning. He was a nice enough guy, but the type who asks a ton of questions while your mouth is full of metal. One of our conversations went like this:

DDS: Are you athletic? You look athletic. What are you, five ten?

Me: Good guess, I am five ten. I run, I ran the Mountain Goat last weekend.

D: Running, UGH. Running makes me nauseous.

M: hrkm kgrof.

D: Do you have a brother? Is he as big as you? He must be really big.

M: I do have a younger brother. He's a plumber.

D: Then I guess he's not that big.


2. We had a raccoon come up to us on the deck a couple of weekends ago while Mike was grilling dinner. It would not go away, it was like that kid movie Over The Hedge. I threw some cans of Play Dough at him, and he kept ducking back and forth behind a tree like in an Arcade game. Mike shot off a Roman Candle (yes, fireworks. In our house it's a year round occurrence) and he still wouldn't go. We gave up, and Mike kept cooking. Every so often he would whip around and shine the flashlight on it, and the raccoon would turn his head like he was embarrassed for staring.

3. I'm not sure if I'm happy with my Nike's. They are a vast improvement over the Asics, which I realize now were too narrow, and did nothing to keep my foot centered. I've been feeling a twinge in my left heel, I've dealt on and off with plantar fasciitis in that foot, so I'm wondering if the Nike's aren't cushioned enough. I've only had them for two months, but I'm considering sneaking over to Fleet Feet for a second opinion. I'm having flashbacks to wearing a boot to bed for a month, cortisone shots and foot taping, and I really don't want to go down that road again.

4. I had a few moments this week:

I told Eliza to eat her corn on the cob like a typewriter. She didn't know what the hell I was talking about.

I learned that you need to be careful with what you touch after you use Ben Gay.

I went outside to put some outgoing mail in our mailbox, and when I got to the end of the driveway, I realized I was holding a box of rice.

5. Good luck to Suzy in the Ragnar Relay today! And don't forget Julie's Very Cool Giveaway..... and Lisa's Peanut Butter & Co giveaway....


misszippy said...

Why do dentists always do that?

Yes, take it from Mrs. PF herself, don't let that PF get started!

The Diva on a Diet said...

This was hilarious, Molly! And that picture of the raccoon is priceless! I know they're a nuisance ... but they're so cute!

Dentists ... I've never understood why they do that ... and his questions to you were pretty wacky. Weird!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Susan Fobes said...

Molly, thanks so much for the laugh today! (The kids had a teacher in-service today so I took a personal day to be home with them. Let's just say the laugh was needed!)
A box of rice? LOL!

yonca said...

Haha..that's funny! Ben gay..ugh! I had that experiences too:)

NY Wolve said...

Raccoons are scary. Not as bad as skunks, who are fearless.

For my recalcitrant raccoons, I toss ammonia their way. I never hit them with it, but the lingering smell makes them vamoose very quickly. (We also put it in our trash before we put it out at night to discourage night time feeding.)

run4may said...

I used to work for a dentist and he does the same thing as your dentist. Asked and talked the entire time while the mouth is preoccupied. I don't get why they do this.

S Club Mama said...

I've been spending some massive amount of time in the dentist chair and he always talks to me (even when I'm sure he can hear exactly what the tv is saying through the headphones).

S Club Mama said...

Oh and so sad Eliza doesn't (and probably won't) know the joy of the typewriter. I did all of my college apps and letters on one. :D

Lisa said...

what? no love for my giveaway?! booo! haha! just kidding.

I love the convo with your dentist. classic. Mine is a chatterbox too, but I can never answer him!!

Two weeks ago I found the tinfoil in the freezer. Not sure if I did that or my husband. I think we're pre-maturely aging!

You definitely don't want to injure your foot, so go get the second opinion. It's absolutely worth it!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Was your dentist sniffing the laughing gas?! That is funny! It must stink to be them and not be able to carry on a conversation.

Unknown said...

Being a raccoon attack survivor I say be wary my friend, they can be fierce!

I work with dentists every day and they all do that. It must be the only way to keep their sanity.

A couple of weeks ago we couldn't find the DTV Remote. A few days later I found it next to the almonds in the pantry. Pretty sure I did that since I am the almond junkie.

Jill said...

Thanks for stopping by blog the other day :); Tara's spoke highly of you on our run the other day!! That's so funny about the typewriter! My kids' grandmother has one and they think it's the funnest thing out there, the always wanted to know where the erase key was. Haha. Have a great weekend!!!!

Katie said...

Lol @ the racoon... he actually looks kind of cute. Your "moments" were too funny... I think we've all been there :) Have a great weekend!

J said...

Haha about the rice box! I have totally done stuff like that! The mind is just thinking about so many things!

Teamarcia said...

OMG it's all so funny! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love this! I'm laughing so hard I can't say anything astute. Even when I'm not laughing I can't say anything astute. But this was funny!

ajh said...

LOL at the can't be that big if he is a plumber!!

Liked the box of rice story too!

mudmama said...

Eat it like a typewriter, love it! They have no idea what that means!
Your coon sounds cute--though persistant.
later! :)

Liz Mays said...

This completely cracked me up, Molly!!! I don't understand your dentist's logic and I can't believe your daughter doesn't know about the typewriter. Geez, we are old!

Julie said...

Oh Molly,
What would I do without you! God, I wish that we flipping lived in the same state...whenever I get crabby or sad, all I would have to do is have you tell me a story:)

Funny about the dentist and the racoon:) What did you touch after using Ben Gay? I hope that it wasn't your eyes. Enjoy your weekend Molly:)

Nicki said...

Thanks for the laugh, Molly! And, I guess I should have warned you about the Ben Gay. LOL!

Black Knight said...

I cannot stand a "chatting dentist", I am always too scary to follow him. However my dentist (female) is a runner. Great pic of the raccoon, I love the animals.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

The raccoon part was FUNNY!!!

busyrunningmama said...

Love your "moments"....So funny about the typewriter!!

I was at PT the other day when my PT told this highschool girl to do a specific exercise and then called it the "Jane Fonda"....the girl had no idea what he was talking about - the little things that make us feel old!! Haha!!