Friday, May 7, 2010

Five Things on a Beautiful Friday. Well, seven.

I'm thinking in bullets today.

1. I'm slacking in my food journal this week. Just haven't done it.

2. I have not run since my race. It's been a nutty week, Mike is away on business, and I just wanted to take a break. I did take a lot of walks with the kids, stretched and rolled on the foam roller, baked and cooked and read. Now I feel refreshed.

3. A hot topic on the Fleet Feet message boards this week was about using ipods during a race, when it's officially not allowed. I'm a rule follower, I might not be happy about it, but I'll do it. What's your take?

4. In between Birthday, Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day festivities, we're having my neighborhood's annual garage sale. I just sold my first item, a Diaper Champ, that Mike said would never go.

5. I haven't watched LOST, Survivor, or The Office this week, waiting to watch with Mike. I am in Housewives of NYC and NJ heaven though, seriously, twice in one week?! Love it.

I wanted to wish Tara Good Luck on her first marathon this weekend!!!

And you've gotta check out Julie's giveaway...full of GU, sport beans, giftcards, Glide and a DVD.

Happy Trails.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am a rule follower, I dont want a DQ next to my name and waste my money because I didnt follow the rules. I am always afraid I will be the one they set example to. As for training, never on the bike, but I will on the run, just in one ear though, so I can hear my surroundings.

RunToTheFinish said... most things I am COMPLETE rule follower, but when I don't think anyone actually cares like the headphones I say poo. I didn't wear them in my first marathon because it said not to and I wanted to kill someone because everyone had them..hence now I just wear them.

Oh and hope you've entered my giveaway cause you always have goodies here, so I like to try and return the favor!

J said...

I am a rule follower plus I dont really feel comfortable wearing music while running outside. I like being able to hear what is going on around me! Hope the garage sale is going well! Happy Mothers day!

The {wannabe} WAHM said...

I'm a rule follower too. Why is it not allowed?

Is it wrong that I think it's really cute that your neighbor has an annual garage sale?

Happy Mother's Day!

Nicole @ Chic and Cheap Nursery said...
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Nicole @ Chic and Cheap Nursery said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicole @ Chic and Cheap Nursery said...

I'm a rule follower too. Why is it not allowed?

Is it wrong to think it's cute that your neighbor has an annual garage sale?

Happy Mother's Day!

Julie said...

Hi Molly,
Don't feel bad about not running this week. I have been the biggest slacker! I have gone on one four mile run since Sunday. We have been so busy with Kay's b-ball and track that my workouts have been placed on the back burner.

Thanks for linking my giveaway to your blog:) I hope that you have a nice and relaxing Mother's Day!

Laina said...

I disagree with the Ipod rule. I don't think there's anything wrong with using one.

Mrs. M said...

Lost was really good.

I went running with 2 neighbors this morning. They both were doing about 9 minute miles. Although I do lots of elliptical I haven't run since Sept. and I DOUBT I ever do a 9 minute mile. But I kept up. I think tomorrow will be a painful day.

Have a great weekend!

Teamarcia said...

I'm a total rule follower too. If they say no tunes, it's no tunes.
Congrats on the Diaper Champ sale! : )

ajh said...

I am a big rule follower! I need to go check to see if my race tomorrow allows Ipods.

ajh said...

hmm I think it does but it is going to be raining so I would probably ruin the Ipod.Wouldn't you know?

Anonymous said...

I missed all my favorite shows this week, including Housewives...don't ask! Insofar as the ipod rule, I'd be prone to following it and hoping others would do the same. Unless, of course, it's changed.

Happy birthday...and happy Mother's Day to you and your mom. (mine was a single parent, too)

Tara said...

Molly, thank you so much for the shout out! You are so sweet!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

PS. I'm thinking you your MIL.

akjenniekt said...

I hear you on the housewives front- love those shows!

Amo said...

I haven't watched Lost yet either! I'm waiting on my husband, too. I'm dying to watch it though!

kristen said...

I would NOT wear ipod. I'm a rule follower too. If it's really that important to you, you should only enter races where they are allowed!

RHofNJ is old news. They don't have any new storylines? BORING. I was totally disapointed and might not even bother watching it this season.

Susan Fobes said...

I seriously need to do a garage sale-I am running out of room in my basement!

Unknown said...

I have never worn an iPod in a race, even if it wasn't a rule. If a medical emergency happened and I was unaware or in the way because I was lost in ipod world I would never forgive myself.

Dude -- you need to watch LOST if was pretty intense this week. A lot of stuff happened and to can FINALLY see how it is all lining up. The sideways flash was one of my favorites so far too. Not really sure why but I enjoyed it immensely and cannot wait until Tuesday!!!