Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let me see if I can fit you in

I have this annoying habit of trying to fit too many things into one day. I do it whenever we go down to LI. I see what my friends are up to, then see if we can squeeze in a playdate, or ice cream or a 15 minute visit as we're driving to the store. Or I plan a visit to my Aunt's or Sister's house on our drive home, because they are on the way to the thruway. I was guilty of it today. We planned on going to the pool this morning, start painting the dining room this afternoon (even though it's absolutely beautiful outside) then go to our neighborhood's Founders Day Picnic at five. I already told three friends that we would be at the picnic, and told Mike we were going. But last night on facebook, I found out my friend from college is in town, she's from Jersey and I haven't seen her in 15 years! She wanted to come over tonight, so I figured I could tell her to come at seven. But then I realized I would be spending the whole picnic worrying about getting home in time for her visit. So I went against my "pack as much in as possible" instinct, and asked what she's doing tomorrow morning instead. I think I get this from my Dad, he's always trying to fit visits in with all 6 of us over one 24 hour time period, and we all live in different places. I guess it's not a bad thing, I just want to get as much out of my time as possible. But it should be quality visits, not a quantity of visits, so I think I handled today the right way.

Ahhhh, it's Saturday, when life is a bit easier because Mike is home. I'm looking forward to a little happy hour at the picinc, although it will be beer. I'd rather have some vino. Above is a photo of my favorite chard, Tunnel of Elms. It's a california white, and very inexpensive, but very tasty. I was thinking of giving up my nightly wine while I do my smoothie challenge, but then I thought harder about it. hmmmmmm, maybe not.


Tara said...

I do the same thing on the weekends; try to fit everything that I possibly can into one day. I wish that I could just RELAX!

Mandee said...

Weekends here seem to be pretty busy most of the time. As you can already tell from reading my blog I try to squeeze a ton in on Fridays and with 4 kids in tote! Crazy, I know! ha ha!

Felice Devine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Whenever I go to LI (my husband is from there) I feel the pressure to fit it all in but I try to resist it. I usually use my son's nap schedule as an excuse. It works!

Xenia said...

I always frustrate myself by doing the same thing and then I get all stressed rushing myself and my kids around and everyone ends up crabby. Happy hour sure sounds good to me right about now. :)

Tanya said...

I'm a nut too. I want to get as much out of the day as possible, I tell myself.
Keep up the wine. We need to spoil ourselves as often as possible.
I drink wine on Friday's and Sundays - I don't run on Saturdays and the wine on Sunday's come in the evening after my long runs that morning. It's my special treat.