Monday, August 17, 2009

The Image of My Bod

I feel like I'm repeating myself, but it's been several days since my last run. I got sidelined by a few different things. I felt like I was getting a cold, then I lost my voice for a few days, which I'm attributing to the central air. We turned it on for the first time last week, and from what I'm hearing, we keep it pretty cold (69 degrees). Then I started a new pack of birth control pills, which for some reason the mail order drug company switched to generic. I felt so crappy, the other night in bed I realized I felt like I was pregnant, which I'm definitely not. Even though "they" say there is no difference between generic and name brand, I beg to differ. Regardless of all these excuses, I haven't run and that's bad.

It's finally been really hot, and tonight it's raining. Before it starting coming down, Mike brought my freshly laundered tshirts in from the deck, where I like to dry them, and hung them up in the kitchen to continue drying. I was looking up at them while doing the dishes (the place to find me if you're looking for me) and I realized that the shirts looked like they belong to a thin person. Then I thought of how I live by my Mom's rule of "if something fits well, buy three, but in a different color." It's hard to get a true image of what your body looks like, just by looking in the mirror, or how something feels when you put it on. I beat myself up every day about what I eat and how I look in certain things. For once it was nice to see my clothes from a different angle, and be happy with what I saw.


Jennifer said...

There is a HUGE difference between generic and brand. I can't speak for BCPs but with ambien it is nite and day. No pun intended! Reg ambien makes me almost hallucinate! But generic...not as much fun.

And i think we should all stop beating ourselves up for the way we look and respect our amazing baby-making bodies. And if you think i can do that, I have a bridge in asotria I'd like to sell you!

tanya said...

Yeah, good for you. I get those moments too when I see photos of myself and realize it aint all bad.
I ran 14 miles on Sunday in prep for my marathon, my longest run this year, it was great but my legs ached. If you haven't already, you'll get back to running and feeling great.

yonca said...

I'm living in Long Island. Last 2 days were really hot!!!
I love your mother's rule ;) I usually buy 2 in a different color if something fits well.
I'm following you now : )

Xenia said...

I wish that would happen to me. Instead, sometimes I see my jeans lying there and I think they must belong to a much bigger person. It's sad how we all have such body image issues, I think that says a little something about the way our society works and the pressures it puts on women. From your picture in your header, I think you look good! :)