Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Green Monster Invasion

I had a fab running weekend. Saturday morning I did 3 miles around the neighborhood, then this afternoon I ran 11 miles! I was psyched. I had to run on the treadmill, since I wasn't in the mood to run in the rain. I popped In Her Shoes into the DVD player, and I was off.

I've been reading on different blogs about Green Monsters. Have you heard of them? They're smoothies made with Amazing Meal Wheat Grass powder. There are websites dedicated to this stuff, it's a mix of protein and nutrients, which are supposed to give you crazy energy. I ordered some for myself, but after reading more about it, I thought it would be perfect for D while she goes through her chemo treatment. So I emailed the company, and the founder emailed me back, telling me which two powders would be best for her, as he had two friends go through chemo, and they used the powder.

In some of the photos I've seen, the smoothies really are green (but I think it is a more intense color if you put spinach in your smoothie). I made two, one with my usual smoothie ingredients, one turned bright pink (from the raspberries?) The other was a pea green. They were pretty good. I like smoothies in the a.m., you can get a bunch of servings of fruit in one shot.

I have yet to find out if D has tried them. She had her first five hour long session of chemo last Monday. She's been really tired, but she made it to her part time job on Friday. Which I thought was great.


Unknown said...

Nice run...on the treadmill, no less!! I also love smoothies, and have this great stuff called monkey shake...maybe we'll have to make a trade.

Tara said...

Way to go on that 11 miler! I have heard of the Green Monster, but have never tried it. Of course, the only ones that I have seen are the green ones made with spinach...doesn't look too apealing. I'll have to try them!

Nadia said...

hey there just letting you know i came by your blog :)

that drink looks yummy to me!

Mandee said...

Wow, I could never run that long! That is great that you can! I hope the drink helps D. Oh, and about the brownies...they ate them all RIGHT AWAY! They keep begging me to make them again! Funny, right?

mudmama said...

Congratz on the running stamina, and thanks for the smoothie tip. Thanks for finding me on MBC :)