Thursday, August 8, 2013

I brake for pennies.

Like most people, I can be a bit OCD about things.

It used to be worse in college, I'm sure due to anxiety, but I still have to do things a certain way, or else I bug out.  When I'm grocery shopping, I have to take the item behind the one closest to the edge of a shelf. If I step on a leaf, a crack in the sidewalk, or a piece of paper, I must do the same thing with the other foot.  If I see a random penny on the ground, I pick it up, since all day long I'll have good luck.  The other morning I was running with my friends, and I stopped twice to pick up pennies.  After a while my sis-in-law J pointed one out, and I made her stop and get it, since it was her luck.  

Our group is still running in the early morning, here we are at the Boilermaker 15K:

This was the sixth year I've run it, I wasn't sure how it was going to go because of my twisted ankle I hadn't had enough time to train properly.  But it ended up being the best race I'd ran in a long time.  It certainly wasn't my fastest, but I felt great the whole time.  It was a hot day, but I was smart about hydrating ahead of time, and I made a point to grab water from every water station, I either took a few sips, or dumped it over my head. My plan was to run to the six mile marker, and if my ankle was barking, I would do a combo of running/walking to finish.  Lo and behold, mile six came and went, then seven, then I realized with two miles left, I could do the whole thing without my ankle giving me a problem.  I crossed the finish with a smile, and was rewarded with a huge dose of motivation to train for my next race, the Empire State Half in October. 

Whoo hoo!

Speaking of races, I had to choose another winner for the Spartan Race Entry Giveaway, and that person is Carrie, from Maine Mom on The Run, congrats!

I've got a few reviews coming up in the next post, but this here is one from Eliza!  She was sent a Botti-Bot, a remote control toy (which you can find at Target and Walmart) that is geared toward girls, and she really got a kick out of it.

I think Frank liked it too. 

Happy Weekend, and Happy Running!


heather said...

Great job!

ajh said...

The Empire State Half looks good. Sounds like Boilermaker went well for you. I'm trying to think what I'm OCD about because I certainly am. But nothing is coming to mind.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I pick up pennies as well. I have a piggie bank where I keep my car keys, so when I get home, I just make a deposit with any loose change I have. Once it is filled, it is usually around a $100 when I take it to those coin machines.

Unknown said...

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