Sunday, June 2, 2013

Do you ever wonder what you look like when you're asleep?

Sometimes these types of Friday Nights are the best.

You can tell that I was really tired, not because I'm asleep on the couch, but because I didn't finish my wine.

Mike got home from a boys weekend this morning, and after I asked him how it was, he handed me a speeding ticket, then said it was fun. Which is payback I guess, because I got my one and only speeding ticket a few years ago when I was driving back from a girls weekend.

I had a nice time with the kiddos while he was away, we had soccer games, I bought them their first ice creams of the summer, we went to Target, and I gave myself a break from cooking and ordered a pizza. I had these grand plans of watching my Blu Ray edition of Les Miserables that I was given for Mother's Day, but after dealing with Eliza's "I need a wash cloth for my itchy eyes/I think I'm going to throw up/will you read me Olivia Forms a Band/will you move my fan" I ended up watching Jerry McGuire on TV for the 18th time then fell asleep next to Frank on the couch.

Nothing new there.

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Johann said...

Ha, I have a photo of me on the couch like that as well! My wine glass is empty though :)

Michelle said...

I've made it a bad habit lately of falling asleep on the couch - then I go to bed and I'm wide awake!

Suz and Allan said...

I'm bad about falling asleep on the couch and usually the dog isn't far away either!