Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuesday Ten

1. I sat here thinking of a number that would work well with Monday, but whoohoo, yesterday was Memorial Day, which means it's Tuesday. Which is a four day week.  Well, technically now three. Thus Ten For Tuesday.

2. Ankle Update: the swelling is way down, and the bruising is almost gone, although there is a layer of purple along the bottom edge of my foot.  I propped it up in Mike's face to get a proper assessment, and he saw right through my motives, I wanted him to say it looked 100% better so that I could go for a run. I agreed to wait one more week to hit the pavement, why undo any healing that I've done.

5. Have you seen this book?

It features the stories of some fabulous runners, and how they conquered their first marathon.  The story of my Rochester Marathon (including my stomach distress) is in there as well. If you're in the middle of training for something big and need a boost of inspiration, you can find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

3. Luke is driving me crazy because he can't seem to memorize his times tables.  I'll admit, I'm not a math person and there are times where I have to think back to songs that learned in school to master those tables. I've resorted to showing him videos on YouTube to help learn 9 x 9 = 81.

4. Stupid me showed him this one because I think it's hilarious, and now I'm regretting it.

Now I hear "Mum" "Ma" "Mom" more than ever.

6. I think I'm turning into a morning person.  After decades of being a night owl, I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I'm not particularly happy about having to do this, but once I get outside with Frank and hear the birds, smell the air, and see the sun come up, it's really not so bad.

7. Did you see my Reebok Spartan Race giveaway? Free entry for the race of your choice is going to someone, check it out right here!

8. Did you enter my Metromint giveaway?  Well, I chose a winner, Congrats to Penny at Pink Hat Runner! Send me an email and I'll get you set up!

9. Did  you know that this is blog post number 599?

10. What should I write about for my 600th?


Lisa said...

So cool that your story is in that book! Sounds very cool!

Sorry about your ankle, I haven't been around much lately so i didn't know you are injured. I hope it gets better soon and definitely think that you're making the right decision in holding off for a bit longer.

Hope you have a great day!

Michelle said...

That's awesome that your story was included!

Hope your ankle heals quickly!!

fancy nancy said...

Good choice to give your ankle a little more time...then again that's easy for me to say!! How cool that you are a published writer!!! Awesome! I taught 3rd grade for 7 years...those times tables are a doozy! I taught them the 9s table trick...put the finger down for what it is...so 9X2 you put your second finger down. To the left is 1 and to the right is 8 thus 18! Hard to explain when you're not in front of me!! Good luck!

ajh said...

I watched that video thinking it was going to be math! Take care with your ankle. It's not worth it to start too soon. That book sounds good especially with someone I know in it.

ajh said...

I meant to ask you if you know the finger trick for nines.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thanks for the book suggestion, I need some motivation and inspiration right now