Thursday, August 5, 2010

close to one sentence thoughts

I think there is something to my theory that if you want to have the sun come out, leave your sunglasses at home. 

Bathing Suit Shopping is a humbling experience.

While I was singing in the car the other day, Luke told me I was a real dork.  I told him to tell me something I don't know.

I miss the beach.

Today is Mike's birthday, so for something different, we went to lunch up near SU, at a place called Funk 'n Waffles.  He went with the traditional fried chicken and waffles, I chose the waffle topped with a bit of bacon, brie, fresh basil, and a side of jam whose flavor origin I couldn't figure out.  Odd combo, but really good.

I realized that when I take a picture, I have a signature pose.  I'm sure you can guess what it is.

The date is set for my tattoo with my BFF Dawn, two weeks after the marathon.  Today at the playground I saw a guy with my tattoo on his leg, which I think is some kind of sign.

I'm reading Dominick Dunne's very last novel, Too Much Money.  I love all his books, and I'm bummed that there will never be another.

I feel bad that Mike had pink candles on his birthday cake.

I'm going back to my brunette roots, literally.  The red has been fun, but I need something new.

My long run this week is on Sunday.....Nineteen Miles. 

I think True Blood has been good so far this season, but oh my, has it been gory.

I'm going to admit it.  I LOVE the Enrique Iglesias song "I like it".  Makes me want to fist pump.

My Nathan Fuel Belt giveaway ends Sunday.....and CSN gift card ends Wednesday!


ajh said...

I hate it when favorite authors die! And yes, bathing suit shopping is beyond humbling!

Heather said...

~I don't even like to think about bathing suit shopping...ugh.
~What tattoo are you getting?
~I just changed my hair from red to didn't turn out the way I wanted it to though...I wanted it to be more natural and it's too dark. oh well, It will fade eventually.
~Good luck with your long run on Sunday.

Julie said...

Hey girl,
I have not gone swimming suit shopping in a few years:) Thank God!

Did I miss the post on you getting a tattoo!?! Very cool...two weeks after the marathon! Good luck this weekend with your long 19 mile run! When you get tired and have about had it with the long run...just tell yourself that at least you can run it:) Go Molly!

J said...

I love Enrique's song too!! Its so catchy!!
Good luck with the nineteen miles! You are going to do great!

Pam @ said...

Rock those 19 miles, Molly!!!

What tat are you getting? You scheduled it two weeks after the marathon--is it running related?

Iron Mike said...

I really wanted to respond to all of your points in one (long) single sentence.
Oh well.
Agree with the tattoo encounter. Enjoy every one of those 19 miles, hope it's not too hot.
And I bet the pink candles were a hit.

Unknown said...

Bathing suit shopping - it's so disheartening. I'll be sticking to my speedos until I'll 100.

What tattoo are you getting?

Erika said...

what tattoo?? And my kids call me a dork all the time...inspiration to sing louder and dance even more goofy!

Johann said...

You’ll need to show that tattoo again as everyone’s asking what tattoo? 19 miles can be long but it is the best training, mentally as well. Good luck!

abbi said...

Good luck on the long run! I like the Enrique song too. Nothing wrong with admitting that. Like everyone else, I'm curious about the tattoo as well.

Anne said...

Fun post :)
I like the hands on hips pose ;)
Good luck with the long run...and did you show the tattoo you're getting on a past post?

Rae said...

I think everyone has a signature pose. :) Good luck with your long run! And yes, what is this tattoo?

Anonymous said...

Ok, Funk N Waffles is new to to see where I can find one.
Good luck on Sunday's run- you are inspiring me because in a few months I will be hard at it myself.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

From a guys point of view, I bet he didnt even notice it was pink, and if he did and said something, he forgot about it after the first bite was taken, luckly boys are simple that way, so its ok

Tara said...

I love that song too; it's on my Ipod now.

Happy Belated BD to your hubbie! I'm sure that he didn't even notice the pink, most men wouldn't notice something small like that (unless it is a tiny picture of a naked woman).

Tattoo? I didn't know you were getting a tattoo! Can't wait to see pics!

Jill said...

I love that song from Enrique also, very fast to get you moving!! I miss the beach, too...and I've never lived on one but we always go in the summer and this summer we were not able to. Have a great weekend, girl...good luck with the 19!

NY Wolve said...

I had dinner with Dominick Dunne at Swifty's several months before he died -- friends of ours had purchased the dinner at a charity auction. he was actually very engaging and interesting.

Unknown said...

Tattoo?!!! You rebel!!! What is it going to be?? And dont worry about the birthday cake. It all gets eaten the same!! ;)

fancy nancy said...

Good luck with 19!! Yes bathing suit shopping is something I do alone! I am actually wearing the one I wore 6 months pregnant this year!

Amo said...

I had never heard of Dominick Dunne until last night when they did a story about him on abc news. Interesting now that I have seen his name again within 24 hours! I might have to pick up those books!

Lindsey said...

I think we need said *fist pump* pictures.

(And I hate to admit that that song has been running through my head since I heard it the other day. I want to hate it so bad, but I can't!)

Anonymous said...

No fair...I'm still reeling about how they don't make bathing suits like they used to...and I can't keep my eyes off "roasted cauliflower" "my dad's fried rice" or "swiss, mushroom and onion quiche"...really, Molly, I have got to go!!!

Mrs. M said...

You will do great on your run!! I was just looking at my tiny ankle tattoo I got in 1995 or so and realizing that the color really needs to be touched up!