Monday, November 10, 2014

What Makes You Move?

The other day my sister sent me a link that led to a short film called "The Runners" which takes place in Victoria Park, London.  Using a bike with a cart attached for the cameraman, the directors interviewed groups of runners through the changing seasons.   


It's a moving video, as the runners shared bits about themselves, it made me think of the different reasons we run. I decided to ask my fellow employees about what gets them moving, and this is what they said:
From Marcia: "I am always thinking about what motivates me to run. Some of the things are socializing with my friends, and never regretting my run once it is complete (a great coach told me that). The thing that really motivates me are my daughters. I think it is so important that they see that I make time for myself and exercise and push myself toward a physical goal. I want to lead by example and show them that it is always important to do something you love. It is even more rewarding when you work very hard to achieve that goal."
Bill shares that: "Running has truly changed my life. Not only has it improved my health, but I've met hundreds of people through running. I have also run in so many beautiful places such as Lake Placid, N.Y., Central Park, New Orleans, Ottawa, the Napa Valley, Costa Rica and San Francisco, just to name a few. There is no better way to see a city then to run it." 
Fred says: "My biggest motivator is the camaraderie that is created when we train and race with a group of people who have all trained so hard together to accomplish a goal or finish a race. We become part of something that is bigger than just our own goal when other peoples' accomplishments become more important than our own."


Liz's motivation is: "Knowing my running partner is waiting there for me early in the morning. It's easy to cancel when it's too cold or we're too tired. But those miles before the sun has come up is the time we solve each others' problems, share our good news and support each other. For me, knowing I need to meet my RP (running partner) is what makes me get those feet out from beneath the covers and into my running shoes."

Mary shares that: "My niece is my motivation and my hero in all things. Last year she was diagnosed with cancer shortly before her second birthday and although she has a pretty clean bill of health now, it was a tough road at times. Watching her strength gave me so much perspective on life and every time I think I 'can't' I think of her and somehow what seemed impossible suddenly gets a lot easier."

From Naomi:  "The quote that gets me is 'One day I will not be able to do this anymore, today is not that day.' "


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