Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review Time: Energy Bits!

I always begin my day with coffee.

I think I love the routine of making it first thing in the morning, as much as I love the caffeine.  A steaming hot mug on a chilly morning walking the dog, or waiting for the school bus.  Or an iced coffee on a muggy morning.  I limit myself to one cup, otherwise I get jittery, and have sleep issues.  However, every once in a while I need something to battle an afternoon slump, which is where Energy Bits come in.

I recently had the chance to try these one calorie bits of 100% spirulina algae, which also contain 64% protein, GLA (an Omega 3) and 40 other nutrients.  A handful of 30 tabs help to give a steady stream of energy, curb hunger, and stop cravings, without caffeine or sugar.

From what I've read on other blog reviews, the Energy Bits are great fuel for a run, but I gave them a try after a sleepless night with Eliza, who was having stomach issues. I finally fell asleep crammed up on the side of her bed, with my back to the wall, and an American Girl doll in my neck.  

I had my usual morning coffee, but by late afternoon I was dragging. So I broke out the Energy Bits. You can chew them, but an easier way is to swallow 30 bit with a glass of water.  I chewed one bit, which was chalky and green tasting, and made it look like I had a mouth full of fillings.  So I swallowed the rest.

I waited for a big jolt of energy, which never came, but I did perk up, and finished out my day on a good note.

The bits also come in these varieties: Skinny Bits for help with weight loss, Recovery Bits, to boost the immune system, and Vitality Bits.  You can read more about these bits, right here.

The tin also has it's uses once its empty.  My son took it from me, and now it houses teeny tiny Lego's.

*Note, I was sent a sample of Energy Bits for the purpose of this review, my thoughts on the product are my own. 

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Unknown said...

I do not believe in the chemical and energy supplements. Natural practice is very good for health.

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