Friday, January 18, 2013

There is still just enougth time for a Five For Friday

1.Do you wear a hat?

Sometimes for vanity's sake I go without, unless I'm going for a run, or walking the dog. I will forever be a girl from Long Island, and can't bear to put something on my head that may squash the fullness, but when the cold really hits, I need to cover up.  All I need are two hats to get me through my snowy days, Mike isn't a fan of this one, but I am.

Yup, once again here is a shot of me in my bathroom.

2. I registered for three races this week, the Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run, The Empire State Half in October, and The Boilermaker 15k in July, which I'll run for the sixth time.  My wallet took a hit, but this is the time of year when races in Syracuse open, and close rather quickly, so I didn't want to miss out.  I don't have a half marathon on my spring calendar yet.  Now that my foot is finally feeling better, I am going to force myself to take care of myself.

Which means listening to my body.

3. I've gone down this road so many times.  I just want to run Every Single Day, but I know I can't.  I've run several times this week, up to five miles per run. I'm all gung ho and ready to go, but I forced myself to do yoga on Tuesday, and today I did a Jillian Michaels "Last Chance Workout." I didn't get the same feeling as a sweaty run would give, but my plank a day's are kicking my rear.

Stronger Body, Stronger Run, right?

4. Let's talk briefly about Lance.

I always believed in his ability, his drive, his love for his sport. Yes, it is disgraceful that he cheated and mislead all the people that he inspired, but.......

I hope they are still inspired.

I didn't watch the first half of the interview with Oprah, because I really didn't want to watch him throw his spin on his lies, but tonight I was folding laundry, and decided to look for something on TV to pass the time.  I couldn't find it at first, Mike didn't think we had the OWN channel, but after a quick search, lo and behold I discovered we did.

Well, I watched and was disgusted, which wasn't a surprise.  I must say though, that when he started talking about when his son asked him if the rumors were true, and he lied to his son, I was completely done.

I try to make my children happy, safe, and proud.

I would never lie to my children.  

5. I decided what my goal will be when I drop these extra, extra pounds.  I've wanted to try Cross Fit for a while now, and I decided that once I get to my goal weight, I'll go and do Foundations classes.  I would love some feedback from anyone who has tackled this.  I do feel somewhat intimidated, but I'm sure I'd be ready to kick it once I got into the groove.

Any advice?


heather said...

I've been doing crossfit since May and I love it. I'm no where near my goal weight and it is still doable. You see the really tough stuff but it is scaled so everyone can do it.

Pam @ said...

:P to Mike. I like your hat!

I'd really like to try crossfit, too. There's a gym here, but it is sooooooooo expensive!!!

Jennifer K. said...

Hi. I found your blog through a link on someone else's page and thought I'd pipe up on Crossfit. I did it for two years and quit back in October for a bunch of, boredom, stuff going on at my gym...regardless of that, I'd recommend anyone try it. In the beginning it's a little scary. There's a lot to learn because some of the olympic lifts are pretty technical. I liken it to learning dance steps. Once you get it though, it's really fun! It's cool to watch yourself getting stronger and see your body composition change as you gain muscle. Good luck!

Raquelita said...

I'm so glad that your foot is feeling better! Keep listening to your body.

I love the hat.

Unknown said...

Yay for signing up for races... take it slow though girl. Rest is your friend! :)

I have that same hat!!!

I won't get into the whole Lance thing, but for me it wasn't about the fact that he doped. My husband works in the cycling industry and we hear all the time how dirty of a sport it is (not that I'm saying it's okay). With Lance though, it was about the lying and deceit. I truly think he said his lies enough that he started to believe himself. And he doesn't seem like he has any remorse, except for getting caught.

Unknown said...

Contests on signing up for so many races!

Unknown said...

*congrats! (Darn autocorrect!)

H Love said...

I am with on foot stuff. It seems to be on-going. Trying to follow my foot plan instead of a training plan. Love the hat and your necklace looks super cute as well.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You already read my response to Lance, I started part 2, I got mad and turned it off after 10 mins, He still DOESNT GET IT!!!!!! It is sad, very sad

Teamarcia said...

Yay for a happy foot! I think it's sort of telling (as to why Oprah's network is struggling) that none of even knew we had the OWN network. Lance is a first class ass of the highest order.