Thursday, July 12, 2012

Boilermaker 15k, Year Five

I was extra excited to run this year, because I missed last years race. I felt ready, although for some reason I always get a little nervous the night before, I guess because I know it's going to be a hot and hilly race.

Friday I headed to the Expo with the kids in tow, in was in a new location at the community college, which made parking a breeze.  In previous years it was held outside, where you could spread out and avoid any congestion around the booths or packet pickup.  This time we just had to go into two buildings, which was convenient, but there wasn't much room around the booths, so I wonder if it got crowded on Saturday.

When I approached the packet pickup, the volunteer helping me was about 11 years old, and lo and behold, he couldn't find my bib, or Jeannine's bib.   Another volunteer started looking as well, and he apologized and said he just didn't see it anywhere.  At this point I was starting to panic a bit, and I whipped out my cell phone, about to show them the email that confirmed my registration, when a third volunteer came along, and pointed out that they were looking in the wrong bins.  Whew.

I met up with my friends Alissa and Julie, and after getting the kids some ice cream, I went back into the Expo.  I wanted to check out the KT Tape booth, they've revamped their product, the tape is now is made of synthetic material instead of cotton.  Since my heel was still bugging me, they taped it up for me:

Instead of my usual hot pink, I went for the conservative beige.

I could tell the difference between the old vs. new tape, and although they said it would stay on in water, it didn't.   It came off the next day at the pool, but then again, I was in the water with the kids for a while.

Back to the Expo.  

My college friend Laurie started a running gear company called My Happy Pace Gear.

They sell earth friendly running and cycling gear, including Honey Stinger (yum!), shirts made out of bamboo (wicked soft) and tech shirts made out of recycled plastic bottles.  It was great to see Laurie, who was also running, check out their website here!

Okay, on to the race. 


Saturday night I did my usual pre-race antics, like running to Target at the last minute to get a new shirt.  I was in bed by ten, and awake at 3:00 a.m. when Mike came to bed after falling asleep on the couch. know what happened next.....

Mike fell asleep, and I tossed and turned worrying about the alarm going off, until it finally did at 4:40.

I was up and out of the house in 20 minutes, I even walked Frank and had a fresh cup of coffee thanks to my lovely Keurig.  I picked up Jeannine, and we met up with everyone else at our friend Julie's house, got on the road, and made it to the start by seven. 

I didn't get the tank top memo, but I did get the bright color memo.

I checked my bag, and a few minutes later I realized I forgot to grab my GU.  I figured I could make due with Gatorade on the course, but I wasn't happy.  We had enough time to use the port-a-potties twice (for some reason they made rows of them, and everyone was going to the first row, and not checking out the ones behind them.  Both times it took us about 5 minutes to wait in line.)  We lined up, and I was in my happy place, excited and thankful to run. 

And we were off.

As usual the crowds were thick at the start, which happens with 14,000 runners on small city streets. At one point I was running next to a guy, and we had a row of 6 people in front of us.  He was pretty much running in place, darting back and forth, saying "I can't get around, I can't get around!" 

I felt his pain.

This is the hard part about this race, with all the dodging around that you do, the speeding up, the slowing down, it's difficult to find your pace. At least for me.  But I was enjoying the run, although after about a mile I was starting to feel the heat and humidity.  I tried to distract myself by paying attention to the spectators and fellow runners, I ran by one guy who had a photo of himself on his shirt, and it said "I used to be 400 pounds."  So that was inspiring.  

Mile four is a long hill, up and around the golf course, which wasn't a problem.  It was after the hill that the problem came.  My heel started to hurt, and my arch cramped up, so that I started running on the edge of my foot, because of the cramp it curled inwards.  So that was fun.

The rest of the run was hot, and slow, there wasn't any Gatorade on the course, and I was missing my GU.  I slowed down for ice and water when I felt like I needed it, and really felt the heat at mile 6, which is a long hill, on the highway, with no shade.  I was very happy to get to the top of that, and for the last two miles of the race, I focused on finishing.  Although at the last mile, I got a mental boost, when I ran near a guy who was tan, tall, built, with NO SHIRT on, probably 10 years younger than me......and I passed him.

Ha, Ha!!

Then I crossed the finish, met up with everyone, quickly changed into my Birkenstocks, and had a beer.  My foot was puffy and throbbing, I got a snow cone, and while I waited for Jeannine to use the bathroom, I sat on the grass and stuck my heel into it, which helped a lot.  

My time was a personal worst, I don't even want to type what it was.  Let's just say it took me seven minutes longer than the last time I ran it, my time then was 1:33.  


But you know what? I'm already looking forward to next year. 

: )


Jamie said...

I ran the Boilermaker too! It was my first year and it was a great time. I'm sorry that you got your PW but that will just fuel the fire for next year.

J said...

It was so hot Sunday! Good job finishing and I am sorry it was a personal worst. That course is so tough and every year I forget how tough it is. Hope your heel feels better. We stayed in the family area until after the fly over then we left (a little after 11 I think). Someday we will meet up!

abbi said...

You still got out there and sounds like had a good day overall even if the run was hot, crowded and not the best. Sounds like a tough one any way you look at it!

Melissa said...

It was super hot and humid! Great job. It's such a fun race!

Felice Devine said...

Maybe something was in the air -- my time was 7 minutes slower than last year, too!

Oh, well! Moving on :-)

(that is cool about your college friend's company -- I'll have to check out the web site)

Laura said...

Heat and a wonky foot aren't the greatest additions to trying to PB.
Congrats on getting er done.

ajh said...

You got it done. Sorry for the sore heel! Good pictures.

misszippy said...

Boilermaker sounds tough for so many reasons, but clearly it is popular! I'm sorry your foot/heel are hurting. I hope it feels better quickly. Congrats on the finish!

Jill said...

I've heard really fun things about that race (probably from you :)); and of course it's really well known. One day I must do that! Love you and all your friends all got together for the race...and matching black shorts and bright tops!! Next time, make sure you're on the tank top memo!! :)

Congrats on a great race - even if it was a PW (I've had a slew of those all year :( ); it's another race done and that's always a good day in my book when we get to race...sorry your foot isn't very happy - hope it's happier soon!!

kaydi327 said...

I'm impressed that you held it together without your gu- that would have been a big mental block for me. Awesome job girl! I thought mile six was the hardest when I ran it two years ago (time flies!). Looking forward to running it again when I'm an upstate ny resident once again :)

-Katie @ Legally Fit

Teamarcia said...

What's up with your heel? So sorry it's bugging you. Can't stand the weaving that's so common at the beginning of races...dangerous. Even if it was a PW, way to push thru and finish that sucker!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Good job getting this done. RAcing in heat is such a different experience. Usually the tape stays on in the water for least for a couple days. I don't know that I've tried the new KT tape though. Hope your heel feels better soon. Nice reading a post from has been a loooong time.

Suz and Allan said...

Sorry your time wasn't what you had hoped for but it looks like you had a great time anyway!

Lisa said...

Great recap - kind of felt like I was right there with you. You know I can totally sympathize with your heel pain - I'm sooo sorry it's acting up again. BOO! Snow cone foot freeze - genius!

Your friend photo looks like a fun group.

PW's only help us to realize how special our PR's really are!

Here's to next year - cheers!

Michelle said...

Really sorry about your foot! Congrats on getting through a challenging race!

Anonymous said...

This race definitely isn't one that you worry about time, so don't worry about it. I know, easier said than done.

That's a bummer about the start. Sounds like a pretty big event and attracts a lot of runners who probably don't race alot. It's a shame more people don't understand the line up according to how fast your gonna be. Still, it's great you keep doing this and you have so many cool friends involved as well. those are often my funnest races no matter the timing result. Well done!

and p.s. I love my keurig!

Mark said...

Hey old friend. Somehow drinking beer after a race has a special therapeutic effect that can not be matched. Congratulations on a great race despite it not being your best performance. One of these years I am going to do this race. I can not believe I still have never done it. It has always coincided with Musselman, so I couldn't. Maybe next year I will see you out there!

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your heal is bothering you. Ugh... I do have to admit that I smiled picturing you putting it in the snow cone. :) Don't sweat your time - it was hot and you finished. That's all that matters! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Snow cones make everything better!!

Congrats on the race